SDMB Photo Thread - Show us a photo!

This is a thread for Dopers to show off photos they have taken themselves. One photo per post please. Discussion of photo is encouraged. They do not need to be artsy fartsy, just (ideally) interesting in some way.

Remember, this is only an exhibition, it is not a competition, so please…no wagering.

I’ll start us off next post.


ETA: If you’re not sure how to post a photo, is very straightforward to use.

This is a sandhill crane I captured this summer:


I’m sorry, how do I put picture in a post? I got the “cannot embed media” in posts warning.

I did some experimenting with light and shadow this summer.

Once you upload it to a photo hosting site, right-click on the picture and choose “Open image in new tab” [or window]. That gives you a direct link to the actual picture.

I apologize for my denseness. I did this and when I insert the link(using the link button), my preview just shows a link to the picture, not the picture embeded right in. The same happens for youtube videos for me in other threads.

How do I get media links to embed?

You don’t use a “link button”, you paste the URL in the text of the message.

Here are flowers and seed pods from an exotic plant called “kudzu”.

No manipulation, straight as it came off the camera. Taken in 2002.

My wife took this picture at a zoo and she was so happy with it, she had it printed as a cross-stitch pattern and made it into a cross-stitch.

No manipulation, just straight off the camera.

Thanks. I can’t believe I’ve been that dense!

Don’t you hate it when the solution to your vexing problem is too easy?

Ruby Beach:

Shadow on Rusty Equipment, taken at Maselli and Sons salvage yard, Petaluma, CA

I love all these, but Ruby Beach in particular. A study in composition and color. Nicely done, beowulff.


Here’s the same picture without the ugly stuff from imgur at the top:

My granddaughter, Easter 2020 - she was 2. After getting bored with hunting for eggs in our back yard, my daughter broke out the bubbles.

Three humpbacks, Antarctica.

Nice humpbacks photo!

Here’s one of a Hummingbird I snapped when visiting Costa Rica



The fires of a couple of years ago got a little too close for comfort.