SDMB Photo Assignment 4: Photos Due April 1

I knew there was something else I was supposed to do last night :eek:

Ok - Here we go

1 - A toddler or infant
2 - someting orange
3 - a fence
4 - poster’s choice

Have fun

Forgive my ignorance, but how do you link to one of your own photos? You need a website, I presume? Could someone please write up detailed instructions for the technically feeble-minded?

There are a myriad of photo hosting sites - photobucket and Flickr seem to be the most popular - They’re free to sign up. You upload your photos, then click on the photo you want us to see and copy the url to paste here in a post

of course, if they hadn’t done away with image posting here in the boards…:smiley:

Someone in another thread mentioned TinyPic as an even easier way to put a few photos online. BTW, if you click on “Newest” in the TinyPic title bar, you’ll see that one of the photos is definitely NOT work-safe. I’m sure someone will report it and it will be taken down soon, as their policy is “No nudity or offensive pictures.”

I am a fan of Flickr. Just sign up for an account and upload away. IMHO, those guys really “get” what the internet should be like. There are tons of options, but it’s not intimidating.

Seconded - I’ve used quite a few different image hosts, but I find Flickr to be the most functional, and approachable. And while it might sound superficial, I think they have the nicest look as well - just a nice looking site all around.

I can tell you flat out I won’t be taking any pictures of toddlers or infants! I don’t even have access to any, and even if I did, I certainly wouldn’t be inclined to take any pictures of them. Just not an interesting subject to me.

Can I substitute something else? A pet, maybe?

Other than that I am in and will post my pictures sometime during the month! Tho I do have to say, the quality of the pics posted here sometimes makes me embarrassed to post my own poor work. Still, soldier on.

school aged children would be fine - aren’t there any in your neighborhood? but if you’re really against it, then just leave that one out. I’ve left out photos from assignments when I couldn’t find something I wanted to photograph for a given category

Here is the link to the photos. The password is " cecil " :smiley: :smiley: Click on the Album entitled SDMB Photo Assignment. The works are in there.

The leaves with water droplets was taken 8 feet from my front door. We’ve a beautiful Japanese maple tree there, planted long before we moved in. The colors are amazing and in the autumn the leaves die with a deep crimson hue. This was shot with a 3.2 megapixel digital camera.

The pretty sunset was shot near West Chester, PA a few years ago- with the same digital camera. I darkened the contrast a wee tad, but the colors are as seen. I saw a lovely sunset coming, and kept on shooting every few minutes until the colors had bled from the sky.

The Toddler is my neice. She’s 25 now. :eek: I shot this with a 2 1/4 inch medium format Yashica camera, 80mm fixed lens. Kodak 400 asa TriAx Pan negative film. Printed it myself years ago and scanned in the print.

The Gates of Delirium was shot on Kodak 3200 asa B&W negative. I printed it myself, and scanned in the print. I’ve become quite enamored of the heavy grain texture yielded by the ultra highspeed film stock. The cemetary is here in my town.


LOVE the “orange”, Cartooniverse





Love the work, Hal. Heh. There’s a gal who has a good sense of humor about being pregnant !!

The “choice” one is lovely, I dig how it is slightly imperfect. The last orange light is out, and yet off in the lower just left of center, is a single orange light glowing. Almost makes up for the asymmetry, right? The textures, the angle. Very nice stuff.

Nice cemetery, Cartooniverse!. I like the toddler shot too.

Here is anorange infant.

The rest will be waiting until I have some time to go out and shoot them.

1 - A toddler or infant - Story Time with Papa
2 - someting orange - My Wife’s Alma Mater
3 - a fence - Barbwire
4 - poster’s choice - Plane

Here are my efforts for the month. I’ve got no small kids handy, so I’ve posted one on the infant theme that I took quite some time ago. The rest were shot this morning for the assignment.




Photog’s choice (alien mushrooms)


I am bumping this up because it was 4 pages lost!.. Thats pretty crappy, you cant tell me there arnt MANY more people who would like to play in our photography game… even if it isnt a game… lol, its just fun.

I am still working on mine. I have the toddler, maybe the orange but am still looking for a decent fence.

Come on people! Post your pics!! This isnt for pros and its not a contest! No prizes will be awarded and no crappy pictures will be ridiculed!! lol. You know you wanna! :).

If you need a free site to host your pics I suggest as has been suggested before. Besides, if you have a Yahoo email account. You already have a Flickr account (same user/pass)… Flickr is owned by yahoo.

…Like I said… this months pics from me are coming… gotta take care of a couple first. :slight_smile:

:wink: Well damn there goes my dream to become a Professional Motivator! :stuck_out_tongue:
OK, I have my choices however.
Toddler - Cutest kid ever…

Orange - How about something that use to be orange??

Fence - I’m going to throw TWO out here. The Second being a combination of Orange and Fence :slight_smile:

Choice - Interesting pic I took while out searching for Orange and Fence :slight_smile:

Oh man. That last one? That’s a score. That belongs available as a poster. That is a bbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeautiful photograph. Ach !!! Nice work.

Thanks! I like that to… I drove past that too many times in the past thinking I need to capture that.

In an effort to keep this thread alive, I am posting a second set of photos.

1 - A toddler or infant - 2nd Birthday Girl
2 - someting orange - A Poohbah (whatever that is)
3 - a fence - Bird Creek 1914
4 - poster’s choice - The building where I work