SDMB Photo Assignment 3: Photos Due March 1!

For anyone new, this project is a continuation of this thread.

Since we can only assume that the nureses have locked TellMeI’mNotCrazy in the padded room, I’m stepping in and posting the themes for the month of February:

[li]the colour purple (no, not the movie)[/li][li]words[/li][li]something you see within five minutes of waking up[/li][li]photographer’s choice, version 2.0[/li][/ul]

Photos due March 1. As per usual, mine will probably be posted with ten minutes to spare on February 28.

those are interesting choices, but I’m in

Color purple:: I can’t decide between this or this. (Purple is my favorite!)

Words: Where I work, there are plenty.

Something I see within five minutes of waking up: Usually this kitty.

My choice: Palm tree, taken Wednesday on a trip to Phoenix.

the first flower took my breath away.

The color purple. Plus other, more green colors. and Purple or pink? You decide.

These words prove that you can find anything in Brooklyn.

This is sort of a cheat. I do see this less than 5 minutes after waking up, but I’m waking up on the LIRR.

My choice.

Thank you :smiley:

I **have ** to see that place in person! Where is that store?

It’s in Park Slope on 5th Ave somewhere between 5th and 9th streets. But it’s not a store. It’s writing center. To get kids (and adults) into creative writing.

well, it will certainly get people in the door!

Um… I dont have pictures yet. I will work on that this weekend.

but im shamelessly bumping this up so it doesnt get lost past page 2.
ok another shameless non sequitor

Is it OK to use pics already done, or must we take new ones?

Where can I post pics?

That’s a fantastic picture!

THanks for picking up my slack, **Treviathan **- been struggling with DSL problems (I’m on dialup at the moment, blech!) since Thursday so my surfing has been fairly limited.

Great assignments, though! I’ll be sure to post mine as soon as my DSL is fixed.

My personal favorite pic host is - it makes it easy to do things like upload multiple pictures, generous allowances, and just generally nicer looking than other hosts I’ve tried (like imageshack, Photoshack, etc.)

Most of mine aren’t new.

As for a hosting site, I love

And thanks delphica.

Here is the purple assignment.

Words. Hmm. That’s an interesting one. I think this fits the bill.

The within 5 minutes of waking up assignment is in my camera waiting for the rest of the roll to be shot off, so it might be a little while.

Lastly, my choice. Since I work in both film and digital, I figure I should be allowed to pick one of each. :smiley:


Here’s purple

I’ve always found this picture interesting.

No first thing in the morning picture, sorry. (just flat suburban Texas 'round here).

These might be words, but I don’t think they’ve ever been interpreted.

All pictures by MizPullin

Your Film choice did not link correctly.

My shots, although all were previously shot, so I feel like a stinkin’ cheater.
First five minutes
My choice

Can the photos be digitally manipulated, or must they have original elements only?