SDMB Photo Assignment 4: Photos Due April 1

Though my friends can get somewhat infant-like when drunk, I have no access to any actual one or two-year-olds. So, in what I figure is a fair tradeoff, I’ve included two fence photos instead.

Here’s fence #1 - similar in theme to Hal Briston’s fence photo, though I like his better.

Here’s fence #2, taken just down from the Royal Ontario Museum construction site.

Some orange I found in the alley behind my house.

I agonized a bit over my personal choice , but I decided I wanted to show off one of the few photos I have of a living, breathing human.

Here are mine. They look better when you view the larger size.

Toddler - she was very good at being 2.

Fence - still working on it - lots of interesting choices available to me (and I have to remember to take my camera with me)

Orange - My sister-in-law took this photo. I honor her memory by sharing it you.

Choice - I just really like colorful things.

That is a wonderful pic… it makes me develop scenerios in my head about what its about. love it.

WOW… very nice… every one. Especially love the symmetry in reflection of your CHOICE photo… and the bird is just perfect there to bring it back to reality

Anyrose that pic is awesome!!! Little DIVA is either mad that she is not DIVA enough or pissed off that she has to play a DIVA! lol

your Orange is great… fantastic pic and remembrance

your Fence however… that was my hardest to come by that you chose for us. I assumed you had one in the wings ready to spring on us since it was your choice… lol

That’s neat how even the liquid in the bottle happened to be orange.
I liked the infant picture as well; it has that photo-booth feel to it for some reason.

Im gonna send another set out… hope no one minds…

toddler pic…

Orange pic…

Fence is hard… but i found this… hope it qualifies…

Choice is a Kansas City Pic.
Bartle hall in InfraRed…

I agree with you I like the way it was framed right and top by the barrel and the guard in orange and then my eye went to the “discarded trash” that was a half filled orange soda bottle on the left. That kicked it for me from run of the mill to great composure because after I saw that it became the focus where it wasnt before.


She was having a little Diva fit because at her party, someone’s attention was actually someplace else. She SO knew how to play her daddy (my cousin). She’s gotten better, no more tantrums, but at 6, she’s a little smartass - and can STILL play her daddy.

I may still, I have a few choices on my hard drive, but we’ll see. I’ll be some places this weekend with possible interesting subjects

Yeah, happy accident, that one.

Thanks to you and Whammo for the kind comments.

I found a neat fence pic

I particularly like your toddler photo, for its sense of spontaneity, and your personal choice photo. Might I ask where they were taken?

Thanks for the comments, Whammo. Though the shot was fairly spontaneous, it occurred to me as I was taking it that it could well look like a “one last night together” type of photo.

We are ex-lovers, so I guess it’s appropriate.

Aye, you may: Both were taken at Carkeek Park, here in Seattle, as was the fence photograph.

No pictures of any toddlers or infants, but…

A fence

Apparently, the neighbor’s llamas think that the grass really is greener (or tastier, I suppose) on the other side.)

Something orange

There are some places, where, if you lose your hat, it’s better to just accept it as being lost. This was taken at Yellowstone.

And I’ll do two choice pictures to make up for not having an infant picture.

Choice 1

Another Yellowstone picture. I was lucky to get it, considering the camera problems I was having at the time…

Choice 2

Just a little sisterly love…

I love your photos for this assignment! The toddler picture cracked me up, and your choice photo reminded me of one of my favorite paintings, Gustave Courbet’s The Source of the Loue, which is sort of killing me because none of the pictures I can find online do it justice – it looks very dark but in person the water and the cave are very textured and rich. He painted that subject about a million times and I guess oil painting is difficult to photograph because every example I see on the internet looks like crap.

My goodness, that was quite a ramble.

Anyway, today is a nice, sunny day and I am going to try to take some of my own pictures for this assignment.

I’m going to post some photos, then go back and look at others’ to comment on. No available children, so I’m posting an extra fence shot that I like. None of these are recent photos, just favorites from days gone by.

Fence 1: taken in the fall with the slanting sunlight lighting up the aged cedar fence.

Fence 2: a grayscale shot.

Orange: Taken in my living room.

Choice: Taken a couple of winters ago at Yosemite.

More orange: Taken today.

I like this one because of the dynamics, but also because of the way the contrast changes from top to bottom as you scroll down the photo.