Photo assigment #6 due May 1st

Please direct any questions to this thread.

Take photos that in some way evoke the following concepts, and upload them to a photo hosting site of your choice no later than May 1st.

[li] surprise[/li]
[li] spring[/li]
[li] fade[sup]*[/sup][/li]
[li] optional: photographer’s free choice of subject[/li][/ul]
Now go forth and bring us your interpretations :slight_smile:
[sup]*[/sup]faded and fading are also fine

I have a suggestion for those who are on Flickr: use the SDMB Meets Flickr group, which has been quiet for a long time.

Bump and a question or two…

The assignment is to post 4 photos, correct? And the photos had to be taken in April of 2011? What kind of “tinkering”, if any, is allowed? Can we use (for example) Picasa’s collage tool and use it as a single image?

Here’s mine…

Here’s mine.

It’s funny that all month I’ve been taking pictures and thinking, “Oh yeah, that’s a good one.” Then I sit down to chose my 4 best and…wow. Not only do I not have nearly as many pictures as I thought, but I didn’t think any of them were all that great.

Oh well…I just have to keep practicing!

I was amused that jelly and I both chose branches as the subject of “fade”. How random!

Jack-I can’t get yours to open. It just keeps going to the main Flickr page. Is it just me?

I think that this is the right link for Jack’s pictures.

Here’s my entry – interpreting the categories pretty broadly.

I’m not too happy with my set. Hopefully I’ll have better images to share next time.