HOUSTON, TX DopeFest -- c'mon y'all!

See the Original Planning Thread for more details - or add your own here!

We’re meeting at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 15th, and reservations are in the name of the Addams Family. Location: Hickory Hollow Restaurant @ 101 Heights Boulevard (713-869-6300). After we eat we’ll walk next door to a bar (for those who are so-inclined)…

Current HouDopers (or at least TX dopers) on the definite or probable attendee listing (in no particular order and feel free to smack me if I missed anyone - I’ll duck):

Pravnik, Ayesha, Ringo, Unclviny, Blackeyes, Jinwicked, Sapphire Bullet, Loopus, Mamapotomus, Crorex, Dlurker, Lieu, Lord Jim, Pablito, Dolores Claiborne, Craneop2, Clothahump, Road Rash, WhiteyFoo, JayElle, Irishman, and very, very hopefully,
**Froggy! **

See y’all there!!!

You did miss LIONsob and I can tell you, he ain’t going to let Ayesha out with this bunch without him being around.

LIONsob may or may not have survived the grandmama reference! <chuckles>

Out with ‘this bunch’ Lord Jim? Suddenly I’m not getting a warm fuzzy about this… should all females have an escort? Aha, that’s it! :smiley:

[sub]Where’s that number to the escort service… I know it’s here somewhere, my precious… [/sub]

I am getting off of the rig tomorrow and I will be at HH tomorrow night (m/c club meeting), the last time I spoke to Angie (my HH contact) she told me that she would reserve us the area up front (as you walk in the door) because there will be a band (relatively quiet, folky kind of band) that night in the back, I just want to confirm things with her tomorrow, I told her “about 20 people” and that still seems like a good estimate, I am looking forward to this, it should be fun, I will post after I speak with her tomorrow.


I really want to come, but not at all sure I can. Because of the lateness of the hour, and it being in Houston, my hubby, Mr Bear will not be able to come. (He has to be at work by 5:30am on Sunday morning, in San Antone.) Also, since our anniversary is the 17th, I’m kinda hoping he will plan something here for just us two. I’ll just have to see what he has up his sleeve before I decide… I’ll let you know by Friday.

If I can’t make this one, have fun, one and all. And will one or more of the lovely ladies attending please give as many hugs for me as you want to? innocent, sassy smile (Remember, I’m a hugaholic and will hug anyone who will accept a hug, so don’t be shy on my account.)

Jim, she has been to one of these meetings without me before.
Last year I came down with a bug just before the meeting so I drove her to it and then went back home to bed, she had a great time there and I wish I had been able to be there also.
Re the grand mama remark, I should be out of the ICU by the 15th so I am looking forward to seeing everyone then.

I’m still on, and I’m going to be bringing info about my buddy’s show that’s on the 16th with me, as well as flyers for my birthday party on the 23rd, and I will probably start a thread about it tonight or tomorrow (among other things.)

I won’t be able to go, sadly.

purrplebear, I hope you make it since IANA hugger!! :smiley:

unclviny what news? Are the Addams’ still reserved?

jinwicked glad to see you’re back online - what happened to the computer?!

Blackeyes oh Noooo! Whyever not? Can we induce hallucinogenic materials into a bosses cup ‘o’ coffee so you can join?

Ringo still making plans for the Froggy freedom-fest, right?

LIONsob, please let us know if you’ll require wheelchair accommodations after ayesha’s tender ministrations!

and last, but not least,

Lord Jim I can’t think of a question for you - unless it’s whether you have dishonorable intentions towards ayesha? :wink: j/k!

I got the new computer running Mandrake until I can get the Windows dual boot part going .I can’t update my site right now aside from the LiveJournal, but at least I can get my mail and stuff. Funky Space Cowboy and I will definitely be there and I hope yall will come see me Sunday night at the show. (I’ll be wearing PVC.) :slight_smile:

Pipe? PVC as in pipe? How does one wear PVC?! Enquiring minds want to know…

Umm, which proffers another question?? Shoud we dress in tucks and tails or just jeans and “t” shirts?? I notice that Jinwicked always has a top hat on. I KNOW the place and the proper attire seems casual. HOWEVER are we expected to dress as the ADDAMS family??

JEEZE I hate to be wrongly attired!! Do I need to go buy that bowler I so much covet??

PVC as in shiny, tight, plastic wet-look vinyl and 6" spike heels.

I’ll be wearing black trousers, Dr. Martens, and my top hat (as per lieu’s request) to the Dopefest. I haven’t decided which shirt I’m wearing yet. 'course I wear what I want no matter what. =)

Nah Jin ,I look terrilble in shiny clothes!! Reckon a jeans and a nice snap up western shirt and a pair of C’boy boots will work??

OH and can I wear my baseball cap??

You can wear whatever the flamin’ blue hootie you want, I ain’t yer mom! :wink:

OHHHHH! jinwicked I thought that was latex? Whatever it’s called, very sexxxy. For the performance (and no, folks who aren’t following the thread, this is not for the dopefest but the night after) will you have a store-bought or be using paint-on?

Craneop2 if you want the bowler, buy the bowler - I promise to admire it!!

As for myself, I have no idea what I’m going to wear – just that it’s going to be comfortable. unclviny, I’m guessing the bar next to Hickory Hollow is also casual attire, yes? What’s the name of the bar?

CasperQ, I always have dishonorable intentions toward Ayesha, but they are also always twarted in some way.

It’s a long drive. I won’t know till the last minute if I can, but I hope I can make it.

PVC/polyester blend and latex rubber are not the same thing. These are just normal clothes. Shorts, a crop top, and thigh high boots, to be precise. I was originally going to wear a catsuit but I am too small for the small and it ended up being too baggy in places. Go figure…