HouDopeFest? Anyone?

I kept waiting patiently (okay, so I’m not patient) for someone to suggest this but I’m going to bite the bullet.

Suggested date(s) for the HouDopeFest: Feb 14/15

Suggested activities (!!) We’ll definitely get something going…

Anyone, anyone?

Yowch, not the 14th! I’d have a hard time explaining that one to the many, many droves of women I am forced to beat back with a stick each day.

My God! They’re at the door! I’ve got to

::message ends::

I will be in Houston on the 10th, 11th and 12th of February. Perhaps I will be able to get away from the business activities to hang out with some of you’uns.

Here I was thinking the 13/14 would be a perfect EXCUSE!

Mr.Cyn, invite Miss Creant and enjoy the 14th Houston-style!

Oh, and pravnik, you’re welcome to suggest other (better) dates… maybe 02/28 & 03/01?

OH Mr C is gonna be here again ! I must have somemore of his tail, it tasts soooo good, :o

An excuse would indeed be welcome, but hanging out with my fellow Dopers might not be good enough…I was thinking of faking something about my mother needing emergency prostate surgery or some such.

I think Ringo had a thread up a couple of weeks ago about planning a near-future Dopefest around somebody’s return to Houston. I forget the details…it would be nice if we could accomodate Mr. Cynical as well.

::chortles, chuckles, etc.::

Yeah, Hey Hey Hey Nemo! Get down! Get down! sank like a rock. Nemo came and went.

The weekend of Feb. 14th is also a proposed MiamiDope gathering. What’s worked best in the past is to float the idea and get feedback from the HouDopes that often winds up with a range of dates. And a venue can be decided upon when the likely attendees are identified (as in, will minors be attending).

Right now the 2nd (7th), 3rd (14th) or 4th (21st) weekend in February look fine for me. While Saturdays have always had better turnouts, if we settle on the weekend of the 14th and the Cynical-Creants are stretching out a mid-week stay for it, Friday might be better.

There are a lot of Houston area Dopers who haven’t made it to one yet. Let’s hear from some of y’all!

I would be interested but as far as scheduling goes I can’t help, (I live on call), but given enough lead time I think I can arrange the time off, I might even bring TAPIOCA DEXTRIN (unless he is in England), I will keep a look out for dates posted.


I’m limited depending on the outing we plan; I’m off mommy-duty the third (14th/15th) and fifth (28th/1st) weekends but will have my daughter the other three. BUT… there’s always a possibility of a babysitter!

We’ll plan a dinner to accomodate Mr. Cyn regardless while he is here (good ol’ southern hospitality!) – Mr. C, which night do you think would work best for dodging the dodgy business dinners?

Vote for HouDopeFest date:

2nd weekend (7th/8th) or
3rd weekend (14th/15th) (we can vicariously toast Miami)

My votes (in order of preference): 3rd then 2nd

3rd then 2nd

But where will the proposed meeting of the aforementioned- and aforeimplied- Houstonian Dopers be?

Blackeyes, that’s the second part of the vote! Any suggestions?

It’ll quite possibly be too chilly for an outdoor venue, and we don’t know about possiblr minors attending. At this point I’d say let this thread bob around in MPSIMS for a couple of weeks and see who else responds before we start sweatin’ the venue.


So by popular vote (!!!), we’re going for dinner while Mr. C is in town.

The HouDopeFest is on Saturday, February 15th.

I’m assuming everyone is over the age of consent so far? Yes? Venue suggestions?

[sub]I couldn’t noticeably :bump: again, so…! :)[/sub]

I’m always partial to Rice Village.

Edjumukate me… I don’t get out much! What’s to do in Rice Village?

I live in Clear Lake City so PLEASE don’t do it way up north, a central location would be fine, if the group is relatively small I nominate the patio at the “mucky duck”, they have good food and real beer.

(who is overthe age of consent)