HOUSTON, TX DopeFest -- c'mon y'all!

Gosh, I’m sorry, I must have fainted. Did somebody say something?

I was there Wednesday night and all is well, Angie has reserved the area up front for us, I told her that we were still thinking about 20 folks would show up.

The bar next door is called Cosmo’s, it’s a casual place.

Be there and/or be square.


Oooooooh who lives in a pineapple under the sea…

By the way, I lost my job.

Can anyone get me a new one? :frowning:

'Tis more of a transportation and explaination problem. Perhaps next time, I hope.

Blackeyes never allow transportation to be a problem. that’s what Metro is for… :smiley: Seriously, transport can be managed – but I can’t help you with explainations!

jinwicked totally frustrating! Where I work they have layoffs every few months for the last several years – my number will surely come up sometime! And was the pineapple a reference to SpongeBob?! That’s what came to mind and I’m too lazy to do a search…

unclviny all hail! I will buy you a beer (or a beverage of your choosing) for making the setup work… tanks a lot!!

Lord Jim I’ll volunteer to distract LionSOB for ya, but methinks ayesha is the one who’s thwarting you! :smiley: I’ll help you wallow in your misery… <chuckles>

[sub]hands pravnik and Craneop2 a rag to catch their drooling…[/sub]

T minus 7 days and counting


Looks like some problems that have cropped up may make my attendance doubtfull.

If indeed I can’t make it I wish all merriment and good sprits.

Gang it I told those people I needed employment. I never said a word about work!

OOPS I meant Dang it!
preview, preview!

I’m really looking forward to this outing, and meeting all of you. Most people I know have never heard of Cecil, or the Straight Dope. I’m doing my best to eradicate their ignorance.

People sure look at you funny when you tell them you’re going to a DopeFest! :wink:


Looks like I have to back out :frowning:

Friday I was asked to fly to Oregon to interview for another grad school. Sorry folks, but my career comes first!

Ha ha… D.C., I try never to tell people I’m going to a DopeFest unless I first know they’ve heard of Unca CeCe! <snorfles>

CRorex hopefully the interview will get postponed until Monday; but if not - best of luck not that you’ll need luck!

Jeepers, unclviny, maybe you should tell Angie 15?! :frowning:

Oh, wow, and Craneop2 too… hopefully he will be able to make it despite obstacles!!

CasperQ put me on the list, but I won’t be able to make it. I’ll be freezing my tush off in Colorado while I attempt to master the art of Skiing Down the Bunny Hill.

Hope you all have a great time!

T minus 6 days and counting


Tick-tock, tick-tock…

And LIONsob says… :wink:

Ok I forgot… where is the meeting again? And if you get a chance, what city am I in?

:: BUMP::

T minus 4 days and counting… woo hoo!

[sub]LIONsob is falling down on the job… ;)[/sub]