Time for another Houston Dopefest (or two)?

Once again I’ll be visiting Houston, Texas. From November 21 to December 5. Plans need to start being made now for a meeting.

Sounds interesting Little Nemo, but where have the rest of the Houston Dopers gone ?

Glad to see you back on the board, Ayesha.

As for others, I know there must still be a few.

You didn’t get the memo? We are playing cosmic hide and seek and you are “it!” :smiley:

Hi Aye! Haven’t seen hide nor hare of you in ages.

I am in on a HouDopeFest. (If it doesn’t clash with my incredibly busy schedule.) :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, now Rev, we both know it isn’t my hide nor my hair you are after, it’s my huge, soft delicious…
brain !

Ha ! You thought I was gonna be lewd now didn’t you ?

HouDoper checking in. Maybe I can actually make it to the festivities this time… :slight_smile:

Blubb-blub-blub…bubble, bubble…Sploosh!!!

Yeah, it bobbed to the surface. To borrow from Gary Gilmore, “Let’s do it!”

OK, I’m going to air this one once again, but I’ll need some help to keep it alive.

Fellow Houston bumpers?


Where and when do we want to do this? Do we still like the Crabshack?

I like the crabshack.

If anyone needs to find me, I’ll be hiding in Braes Bayou.

Joe’s Crab Shack sounds good. neuroman, why don’t you crawl on up outta that bayou and join us?

Let’s start thinking about dates. Thanksgiving is obviously out. Are there any other days which are particularly good or bad for anyone? Is a weeknight or a weekend better for people?

The weekend is definitely better for me. How about the Saturday just after Thanksgiving?

The Crab Shack is always good. If we are limited to the date range shown, I vote for Saturday, 12/4 in the late afternoon or early evening.

Weekends are better for us too these days. Since we can possibly do more than one of these, I’ll add a vote for the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It gives us a fully day to recover from the holiday and a day between turkey sandwiches and wild turkey surprise.

The 27th or 28th works better for me. The 4th will be my last night in Houston and I’ll be spending it with family and getting ready to leave.


It looks like I’m gonna be out of town the weekend of the 27th. SWMBO wants to head over to Nawluns and visit her family. I might have to wait for the next one.


Well shoot. As discovered at a previous HouDope, of the many Dopers I’ve met, so far Clothahump’s the only one from my past life (he dated my sister in high school).

Saturday, November 27th looks good right now. Joe’s Crab Shack on Richmond (the original). MMM-mm, Alaskan King Crab and Dopers (and, well, knowing me, a brew or two).

HOU-ston. HOU-ston. HOU-ston…

C’mon people, gather 'round.

Thanks Ringo, but I’ll be travelling to the great white North roundabout that time.