Tronna Dopers: Any chance at a thrown-together-quickly Dopefest?

Hello, Toronto Dopers!

Looks like I’ll be in your city for a few days. Sorry for not letting you know sooner, but my schedule was a bit up in the air for various reasons, and I wasn’t sure where I’d be, and when. Anyway, I’m here now; so if it can be managed, let’s see what we can do.

RickJay, are you doing comedy anywhere in the next few days? Le Ministre, are you performing anywhere soon?

I’ve never been to a Dopefest; but I’m in KW so an easy drive into TO. I can get into town pretty much any evening this week.

I’m not performing any time soon, but I am in Toronto all this week/next week, except Sunday. Sending you a PM…

I will be performing at Spirits on Wednesday, July 18.

642 Church Street; it’s just west of Yonge. 9 PM showtime.

It’s one of the very best comedy rooms in Toronto. Guaranteed to see very, very funny comics.

If you show up, first round’s on me. This offer is extended to all Dopers who show up.

I can come downtown… Let me know when!

If Google is to be believed, that’s at Church and Hayden. Easy enough to get to.

Are reservations required, Rick, and is there a cover?

No cover, no reservations.

Spirits has in the past been incredibly busy on comedy night. Like, likeup-out-the-door busy. I have heard tell, however, that it’s not as bad in summer. Still, I wouldn’t show up at 8:59.

The food and drink there is excellent; it’s a very good pub. So I’d suggest showing up earlier for nutrition and adult beverages. Give me some idea of your appearance so I might find you. :slight_smile:

I sense that this would be a capital location to meet up. May I suggest meeting around 6 PM?

I look like this, without the piano… I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Sunspace, Spoons and RickJay in there, too.

I can assure you I will not be there as early as 6 PM, but I’ll do my best. And yes, my picture’s there.

I was rather assuming that we wouldn’t get to speak directly to you until your set was over; that doesn’t mean I wanted to miss it through tardiness. :slight_smile:

Well, this is good. I can come tomorrow night. Say around 7:30.

I’m jealous!


Hey, you get to see Petawa sometime soon.

Spirits at 6 p.m. on Wednesday sounds good.

Here’s a photo of me, though I’m dressed for somewhat chillier weather than we’re currently experiencing in Toronto. Phew! I’d forgotten what a southern Ontario summer was like.

Looking forward to seeing everybody tomorrow night!

6PM sounds good to me as well. I MUST leave by eight PM though, in order to make the last bus to Sutton. But a chat and a drink? Great! Haven’t seen SDMB people for ages!

Heavens no, I’ll happily be buying you guys a round.

You’re missing a wa.

No, it got left behind in Wawawa. :slight_smile:

I’ll be there too. I’m leaving KW at about 4:30 so I can’t guarantee that I’ll be there by 6:00.

I don’t have a photo online so I guess I’ll just keep my eye out for those with their photo posted.

No, I got Petawawa, ON and Pinawa, MB confused - I’m clearly missing a pina, a peta and a wa…

That’s what happens when you get old and senile. :wink: