Any interest in a NC Dopefest?

I’ve never been to a Dopefest, and don’t think there has been one in NC recently. If there has, please forgive my ignorance. I’m in the Raleigh area and would love to meet some fellow Dopers. I’m thinking a Sunday around the end of September…either the 23rd or the 30th…before hockey season starts. :stuck_out_tongue:

So what say you NC Dopers? (Or anyone who would be interested.)

This is the last one I know of, but that was several years ago, and I was inactive during most of the interim, so there probably have been some since.

I’d be game.

I’d love to, but VWife gets her first knee on the 24th.

I might consider it.

The 30th is a travel day for me. The 23 is my last free weekend before I go to school. I would be game.

SSG Schwartz

I’d love to go… although I wouldn’t mind a Dopefest after the hockey season starts… I wouldn’t have a problem at all going to game and then out for drinks afterwards.

That’s a great idea too! I’ve got a 24 game season ticket so I’m at alot of games. I’d be up for that anytime!

If SSG Schwartz can only make the 23rd, lets try for that. Oh and dates and kids welcome. I’m a singleton, but I can put up with you smugmarrieds if I have to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any particular places in the area that are good for this sort of thing?

Gonna give this my one bump to make sure everyone sees it. I shouldn’t have posted it on the weekend anyway.

Come on Dopers…I wanna meet you guys.

If there isn’t much interest, we’ll get together anyways in a smaller group. How’s that?

We have the 10-game season tickets, so a hockey game could work for us too. I think either of those Sundays would be fine as well as long as we don’t start too late - we’re about an hour west of Raleigh and I’m an old fart who has to get up early for work on Monday. :wink:

I’d love to, but unfortunately, I won’t be able get to Raleigh until Thanksgiving. Any interest in a Charlotte area dopefest?

Now people decide to do this, right after I move away :smack:

Have fun, y’all!

I’d still be up for the 23rd, but I couldn’t host it. I think the Canes game would be great, if we could get enough people. You’re the big toe of this platoon, HM, what options are you thinking about?

I was thinking about meeting at a restaurant or something similar if it’s a small group. On a Sunday afternoon. If it’s a larger group I’m not sure…but I am open to suggestions. I’m all about dinner and conversation, and maybe a little alcohol. But not much.

The 16th is the Caniac Carnival…tickets for the 3:00 pre-season game are free. I already have a ticket so I don’t have to be there at 10:00am to stand in line for one. :smiley: I will be attending that game, and if anyone else is going we can meet up there.

Fretful, I was thinking about you the other day and was sad that you wouldn’t be able to join us. :frowning:

I would be into a Charlotte dopefest! I’m in Union County and could probably even host it if ya’ll ain’t crazy people. :slight_smile:

A restaurant on a Sunday afternoon would be great - we could have a larger group at my house but I doubt we’ll get one. I’ve been here for 7 years and while there have been a couple get-together attempts, they’ve never worked out. Still, I’ve got plenty of room at my place if the weather is decent - front and back decks and a large property.

A tailgate before a Hurricanes game could work too - if this weather keeps up, we’ll still be wearing T-shirts until November …

I’ll see you there, then. I got my tickets today. Sundays would be good for a Dopefest, I work every Saturday.

What the hell is that…a Hurricanes Roomba?

I may be up for a beer somewhere.

Union? Where at? We could be neighbors.

I was thinking we could get a group together at O’Shea’s at Ballentine and Tom Short.

My hockey tickets were waiting for me when I got home today - we are planning on going to the Greek Festival at the Fairgrounds on Sunday, so I am sure we’ll go over and watch at least part of the game before we head back home. I am anxious to see where we are sitting this year - we decided to splurge on better seats.

What? You didn’t go pick your seats?

Hockey Monkey
Sec 304
Row J
Seat 9

Dead on Center Ice

So Sunday the 23rd around say 3ish is OK with you guys for an informal gathering at a place that serves food? I’ll need to get a headcount and a general feel for what kind of atmosphere the place should be and I can reserve some seats. Let’s say by the 19th I’ll need to know how many adults/kids.

Throw out some restaurant ideas y’all!