Any interest in a NC Dopefest?

There’s Blinco’s on Glenwood Ave.

Sec 320
Row C
Seat 9

C3, It’s a Roomba with Hurricanes sticker on it. I named him after Rod Brind’Amour, because he’s relentless in sucking up pet hair.

We have the 10-game plan, so we don’t get to pick our seats (other than saying we want the same ones as last year, which we didn’t). All we get to pick is the price level, and we can list our preferences of section, which we didn’t get, but we’re still better off than last year.

Section 216
Row C
Seats 11 and 12.

We wanted to be near the Ledge Lounge, but we’re near the Champions Club instead. Which means we’ll have to walk across to the opposite side to get a sandwich.

As for restaurants, I’m not terribly familiar with Raleigh restaurants, but it might be a good idea to avoid a place that is going to be really crowded on a Sunday afternoon - and Blinco’s might be. Something tells me they wouldn’t be willing to take a reservation, either, though it never hurts to ask.

If it has to be in Raleigh itself, I can recommend the Hibernian.

If Durham is OK, Tyler’s or Mellow Mushroom might be good.

I just checked Blinco’s website. Lot’s of TV’s so I suppose if we turn out to be a boring bunch, we can find a game to watch. :stuck_out_tongue: At first I thought it was downtown, but I see it’s further out on 70 towards Durham. Should be a good location for a Dopefest. I was thinking of Kemp’s Seafood on 70, but don’t know how many people would go for seafood. Blinco’s has a good ole American bar food menu…pretty much something for everyone.
And Rod Brind’Amour is relentless in sucking up pet hair? That’s a talent I was not aware he had. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d go for Kemp’s for sure. I just don’t want to spend an hour driving to Raleigh and then find out there’s no tables for us (which is what just happened to us this past Sunday when DH decided he wanted to watch the Browns - every sports bar was packed to the gills. We finally got lucky on our third try).

Sorry, I lost track of this thread!

O’Sheas is perfect. It’s actually Ardrey Kell and Tom Short. That’s my old 'hood. I moved out of Providence CC in June and I live in Marvin now.

Kemp’s would work. Or the Hibernian. I’m easy to please.

D’oh! I knew that.
Now all we need is to get some Charlotte area dopers in on the scene.

KneadToKnow mentioned above that he might be interested. I don’t know of any others.

Come on people! Let’s get together and raise a pint o’ Guinness to the end of this heatwave…

I’d be up for a Raleigh 'fest, but not a Charlotte one (at least until I move to Asheville hopefully next year). I wouldn’t be able to make a hockey game, though. I save my yearly sports enthusiasm for two things: Duke-UNC basketball games. This year I’m spreading that out to the ECU-State game at the end of October.

I’d rather Kemp’s than the Hibernian, but I’m down for either. Tyler’s in Durham would be grand as well.

Kemps does not take reservations. :mad:

I’ve got an email in to Blinco’s to see if they do, and I’ll check with Tyler’s as well. Actually now that the lunch rush is over, I’ll call Blinco’s. (Just called, details below). The Hibernian downtown raises parking issues that I for one don’t want to deal with. :stuck_out_tongue: But there is one in Cary. (With a Goodberry’s next door!) :smiley:

So the short list is:

Tyler’s (no reservations, but have call ahead seating) :cool:
Blinco’s (no reservations for dining room…Can get a room that holds 8 with a $50 per hour minimum, or a room that holds 30 with a $100 per hour minimum.)
Kemp’s (potentially long wait since no reservation can be made)

I’m leaning Tyler’s. Parking deck right there, not too hard to get to, good food, laid back atmosphere.

Now I just need a head count.

I have a head!

Ok, I’ll count it.



Tyler’s on a Sunday afternoon shouldn’t be a problem crowd-wise - there’s no baseball and I don’t think there’s anything else going on downtown on the 23rd. And if the weather’s nice we could sit outside.

I wouldn’t think Kemp’s would be a problem either at 3 pm, though I know it gets pretty crowded in the evenings. It’s way more expensive than Tyler’s though. And Tyler’s does have a fantastic beer selection.

You can count me in - I’ll ask DH if he wants to come. The Browns are on at 4 pm that day - don’t know if he’ll want to watch or not (if last Sunday’s game was any indication of how the season is going to go, I suspect he’ll be coming with me. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’ve got a head, as well. And I’d be willing to stake out a table a little before 3, if we have any concerns about getting one. I can’t imagine it being a problem with Tylers, unless we have 30 people coming or something.

I talked to the manager yesterday, and he said if I just call ahead, there shouldn’t be any problem at all. They seemed to be genuinely interested in having our business too. I don’t think we will have anywhere near 30, but I’m hoping for between 8 and 15. I’ve started a list.

Tyler’s in Durham
23rd Sept
3:00 pm

romansperson (2)?

SSG Schwartz…what say you? Are you in? Anyone else wanna join?

I can’t make it then. Durham’s too far away for me. I hate living on the Great Eastern Floodplain.

I have two heads, but only one of them drinks.

Hell yeah, I’m in. And so is the MrsSSG.

SSG Schwartz


That makes 9 so far. :smiley: I’m excited!