Charlotte Dopefest: Interested?

Simplest poll ever: If there was a Charlotte Dopefest, who’d be interested in coming?

Depending on when it occurs, I might possibly be able to get my sorry self there.

Now everyone’s excited!

Knead, if on a Saturday or late on a Sunday, Skulldigger and I could probably make it out there. Directions would be needed, preferably not requiring dealing with multiple lanes of “I know where I’m going; why don’t you?” drivers.

Way cool, guys. From Tennessee, yet. Yow!

Polycarp brings up a good point: Anything we finally put together would certainly need to be a bring-a-date kind of thing. I know Mrs. ToKnow (a.k.a. neuseance) will want to come, because I mentioned this thread to her when I got home tonight and she said, “Fun! Where would we go?!”


I’m near Chapel Hill, and might could come on down to Charlotte. After March, not on weekends, though.

That’s “maht cou’d,” Elelle. Any chance you’d be up for a Raleigh 'Fest if we can put one together? (For various reasons, the Zettefest fell apart.)

Do you have to bring a date? :frowning:

I have no date but I am interested in making a trip to Charlotte. 'Course, it depends on the weekend, etc. Yeah, I’d need directions too. I’d love to meet some of the NC (and other state) Dopers because my SC Dopers are mostly unsociable. And, I have to meet superbee and his lovely wife.

PS - May I suggest the end of March/Beginning of April for the timeframe? I think this would work for my on-call schedule and it gives everyone time to plan & to arrange funds (for those of us coming in from out of state, hotels, gas, food, etc). We could possibly do a Friday & Saturday schedule so that elelle can come to part of it. Just a thought.

Depending on the date, fizzy and I could probably make it. As she said not a minute ago, “It’s closer to us than any other dopefest we’ve been to.”

Bear in mind Spring Break is in mid March:)

I could possible cruise to Charlotte.

It may be that I will have to bring littleson with me though. Is kid friendly ok?

I would certainly be there! (apologies again for missing the fest in Raleigh- it could not be helped)

Hey ellele, if you see this, drop me an e-mail at I’d love to hook up sometime, just girl stuff (shopping or something)


I know, Mjollnir it is :frowning:

Note I said “mostly” and not “totally”. I give you credit for driving 100 miles to make it to EveFest but otherwise the Columbia & Myrtle Beach Dopers don’t seem to socialize…

Well I’ll think I just might be able to make the journey if you fine gentlemen would have me :).

Do you have any specific plans yet Knead, like where/when it will be? House, Bar? If we go to a bar/resturant type place may I suggest Rock Bottom? It’s pretty nice yet not too expensive and it’s right in the heart of Uptown so all the dopers that have never been to Charlotte will get to see the best of our fine city.

I’ve never been to a DopeFest before…I’d like to bring my girlfriend but she doesn’t even know about the Straight Dope so she would probably think it was kind of weird if I just popped up and said “let’s go hang out with a bunch of people from the internet!”

To tell the truth, the idea that’s been jangling around in the back of my head has been to see if I can get a good deal on a luxury box at Knights Stadium.

Who likes baseball?

Wellllll… I had a restaurant and/or pub kind of thing more in mind. Something not too cost prohibitive. I’m not a huge sports fan, myself - not sure how the other Dopers feel about this. JMHO there.

Depending on the date y’all decide on - I might be able to attend.

I have been very close to making a dopefest in the past but something has always come up.

I’ll watch this thread - though someone could e-mail me when (if) this goes down.

Thanks !

Oh - and I love baseball !

Knights Castle is kewl…they’ve got a nice restaurant/pub in the upper deck, but they do charge stadium prices for the beers…But the games there are usually great, and not too crowded. I’m open for anything, and anywhere, just so long as I don’t have to wear a tie. Or underwear. Little League baseball starts soon, and being a coach, my weeknights might be limited, but I’m sure I can work something out if need be.

Slainte, you’re more than welcome to crash at Casa La Bee if you need a pillow…we’ve got plenty of room.

Ya know. . . . .
It doesn’t have to be just ONE fest people, and it can be scheduled small and large over the next week to 3 months. It’s really not too hard, just start listing dates you are available.

Me? I’m easy, I have no social life, so just name a time and a place and I’ll see if I have the moolah and energy to pick up and drive somewhere.

Umm, sports is not my cup of tea either. :wink: