Another Charlotte Dopefest?

After the last one, the idea of having another one shortly was proposed so that we could include Charlotte’s newest Doper, Brown Eyed Girl. I’ll be moving for good at the end of August, so I propose we have another Dopefest sooner rather than later. I also propose we have it north of the city this time. I ended up driving around for over an hour trying to get home last time on account of my sleepiness and my complete and utter lack of direction.

Anyone up for it?

I got a PM from BrownEyedGirl while the board was down saying that she was interested. Anyone else up for it?

BTW, BrownEyedGirl, I tried to respond to your PM, but you appear to have that feature turned off.

August is a tough month for me, but I’m definitely interested. It’ll depend on the timing if I can make it.

When would work well for you? I’m pretty flexible. I have a niece expected to be born on August 7, so as long as I’m free near that date to go to the hospital, I’m okay with whenever.

We would also be welcoming new Charlottean melodyharmonius, and I believe she and I could be there just about any time.

Please forgive my lousy ability to remember which names go with which faces, but she is the lovely lady we’d need to bring peanut butter cups for, right?

I’m out of town the weekend of the 9th. Later in the month is better, but don’t make the plans around me. I’ll come if I can whenever you decide to do it.


Yep, that’s her.

How about either Friday the 22nd or Saturday the 23rd?

I’ll let melody answer that one: she may have plans for me that weekend.

I have no plans currently for August except meeting some fellow Dopers! :smiley:

does happy dance

ETA: Hmmm…PMs are showing ON. Thanks for posting for me, MissMossie.


I can probably make Friday night, the 22nd. I’ll be coming back into town that night and could come from the airport.

Hi! No problem posting for you and I’m glad that weekend will work. The PM thing was probably just a glitch related to the board being down.

I was thinking about The Galway Hooker. It’s an Irish pub off of exit 25 on I77 that I’ve heard good things about. Would that be too far north?

In the last Char-dope thread, we also had Maus Magill, Hockey Monkey, Boozahol Squid, P.I., and Tripler. I’ll guess I’ll try and be hostessy and PM them to see if they want to come socialize with us.

I would love to, but I can’t. In two weeks, I’m PCSing down to Florida, to go to EOD School (yes, EOD) and unfortunately will be tied up there. :frowning:

I do thank you for the invite though. Maybe next year?

I hope to be done in April. . .

Sounds like fun!

I’m in for the 22nd vs. the 23rd if you please.

Learning about bombs?! Not only is your excuse adequate, but it makes you way cooler in my book. Have fun!

melodyharmonius, I’m glad y’all will be able to make it. Any preferences about the venue?

Thanks for the PM MissMossie, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it. I hope you guys have fun though!

I know we’re looking north of the city this time, but as a slight hijack, someone at work took me here for lunch yesterday. Cool place! It’s off of Park and Woodlawn in South Charlotte, literally around the back of a shopping center (where all the dumpsters are…) But it’s cool. Really. Maybe a good site for a future 'fest.

Everything north of I-85 is a freakin’ foreign country to me until you get to Forsyth County, so I’m game for whatever y’all choose.