Charlotte Dopefest: Interested?

I was going to say anything because I didn’t want to sound rude but since a few other people already mentioned it…I don’t like sports at all. Nothing against you guys at all but I don’t have the money to waste going to a Knights game.

But if it’s anywhere else or if there is more than one then I will definitely be there! :smiley:

I like baseball, Knead.

For Feb I have every Friday afternoon/evening off, Sat the 22 off, and every Sunday except the 2nd off.

Woo! I am very low on fundage with the move, though, so I’m hoping for a cheap/free fest. (cheap is good for my circumstance right now)

:slight_smile: Thanks, superbee dear. I appreciate the invitation - that makes it even more feasible. I’ll know in the next few weeks what my next 3 month on-call schedule will be.

I guess the baseball idea would be good, so long as we can have a dinner/drinks thing to coincide with it at some point.

I’ve been waiting for a Charlotte Dopefest! I’d like to explore your fair (World Class) city and meet some new Dopers.

This isn’t another argument to prove that Charlotte is world class, is it?

There is no “agrument.” We have banks. BANKS!! :slight_smile:

I’m not trying to spark a debate here - I think it is World Class - in case that was ambiguous. It’s one of the places on my “I might move to” list.

I have a Dopefest Curse–every time I express interest in attending one, something comes up shortly afterwards and I can’t. So go ahead and decide when you’re going to have it, so I can plan for whatever fate is going to throw my way that weekend.

Seriously, though, CrazyCatLady and I would love to attend. I’m free every weekend in February, but I’m on night float through the week (10PM-12PM Monday-Thursday), so don’t expect my concepts of day and night to be intact.

If we’re taking info on availability and such, let me throw in my $.02.

Cheap would be really good for me. So far as hotels go and such–I need the cheapest possible that won’t put me in too much danger!

So far as time goes, since I’m the boss, I make the schedule at work–I just need to know about a month ahead so I can plan. I don’t know if I’d be dragging hubby along or not. He went to the last Charlotte Dopefest I attended and wasn’t trremendously impressed! He loved the people but the converstaion wasn’t really geared toward him.

There’ve been Charlotte dopefests before?

I always manage to miss the dopefests! I’ve been living in Charlotte since last April, but now, as of last Wednesday, I’m 5000 miles away on a temporary work assignment. Unless somebody wants to get together after I get back in June, y’all have fun :slight_smile:

A couple years ago, a few of us got together. aenea was there, Mjollnir was there briefly, Fretful Porpentine was present, as well as Cabbage. Satan was supposed to be there but had other plans come up.

Well, I see the baseball game is something that might qualify for a mini-fest (can anyone say “Fort Mill Dopefest”? :)), but doesn’t seem to float nearly enough boats to qualify for the real deal. Like I said, it was just an idea.

Cisco suggested Rock Bottom, which is upt- … downto- … in the heart of the city … and while that suits me and probably plenty of the locals just fine, something along one of the interstate corridors might be easier for out-of-towners to get to. Is that a concern for anyone, or is anything that comes with good directions OK?

Just for the record, Satan was in Charlotte, but he left, and took his basketball team with him. :smiley:

As long as the directions were really good & really detailed, I would probably be OK. (Plus I think my pal superbee could help me navigate, if need be). I’ll be coming in on I-77 (is that right?), not sure about the other Dopers, though.

I will tentatively be able to join y’all any weekend except:

March 21-23
April 11-13 & April 18-20

Rock Bottom is painfully easy to get to. Get off I-77 at trade street, head towards town, turn left on Tryon. You’re there.

How’s parking, Cisco? The only parking I’m familiar with uptown is 7th Street Station and the garage across from Founder’s Hall.

Free parking across the street. Rarely full except maybe between 10pm and 2am on weekends.

Sounds good to me.

Now we just need a date. It seems like any random date/time will do because, from the looks of the responses here, no matter what time you pick there’s gonna be one or two who won’t be able to make it.

Polycarp can only make it on weekends, 'pun can’t make it until march, superbee can only come during the week…etc.

I’d say a weekend would be best (no offense superbee! :)) but then again this is your fest, Knead. When were you planning on doing it?

I still have to decide whether I have time to try and get the girl accustomed to the dope beforehand (and then she still might not like the idea, especially after watching Strangeland the other night :eek:_) or slip out alone one night.

Duh- I posted the Saturdays I have off, but if it’s an afternoon/ evening type thing, I can go any Saturday. I usually get out of work from CMC at about 2pm or so.

WOO! I’m hoping to make some Charlotte friends that I can do stuff with more often. Looking forward to some fun!