Should We Do Another Raleigh Dopefest?

Since SmoothOperator seems to be pretty tied up with her Fathom duties, let me start the idea here and see if there are folks from Central North Carolina who want to meet in person. Although we no longer have His Infernal Majesty, having contributed him to the Buckeye State and the capable hands of Drain Bead, there are still quite a bunch of us from the Triangle and nearby.

Ideas on when, where, how, and all that good stuff are welcomed.

Nobody even REPLIES to this? You guys better be careful, or I’m liable to come back to this board and you’ll all be sorry you ignored m’man Polycarp.


Yer pal,

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Well, Satan, if it makes it any better, I was going to reply that depending on car situations, I might possibly be able to make one someday! However, I thought I’d give people with realistic expectations of attending the chance to respond first!

How the hell you been, anyway?

Poly - Some of us Yankees might like to drive down, but we DC Dopers have a couple of upcoming Dopefests (see sig line), so I’m personally rooting for y’all to wait until March. :slight_smile:

Satan - hey, give us a break! Poly only posted this ten hours ago; some of us were sleeping most of that time! :smiley:

So what’s going on with you these days, anyway? Haven’t heard a damned :wink: thing from you, hardly, since you moved. :frowning:

If you make it March or even April, I could probably make the trek up from the Redneck Riviera. I’m dying to meet you all, but I haven’t been able to work out previous dopefests.

If you make it March or April, Poly, I’ll be there.

But I do like road trips. I’m going to mark this thread to keep track of it.

::goes running for a mop::

I’m up for it.

So am I (probably, depends on the timing).

Okay, tentatively for March. Waiting to hear from other locals (unless the people who said they’re from “Raleigh” mean Raleigh, New Mexico, pop. 22, or something) <<insert smirky smiley here>>

Date, place? Suggestions?

The latter half of March or all of April will fit my schedule also Polycarp. :slight_smile:

I’m on a messageboard vacation, to tell the truth Polycarp. Need to take care of some IRL things…you know. However, I would be glad to get together again. I’m easy…just let me know when and where. The only time I’m not available is the last weekend in March.

Oooh, can I come? Well, I haven’t posted much, but I do read the Straight Dope and I live in Durham! Do I qualify?

Sparklo, absolutely!!

And this is by way of << bump >> to bring this to the attention of Raleigh people who have been absent from the board the past couple of days. (Hint, you with the striped tail :wink: )

:: Tygr staggers in, dizzy from chasing his derriere around trying to decide who Polycarp might be talking 'bout. ::

Oog, I feel like I’ve been in the dryer too long. Hey, Poly, count me an’ Mrs. Tygr (a.k.a. jkayla) in on the shin-dig!

Just give us a month or so to get settled into the new digs (I hope!), and we’ll be there.

Um, “Go 'canes!”? “Pack”? “Panthers”?

[sub]Oh, and one other little irony I’ll address right here, Polycarp. I was LITERALLY composing a reply to this thread on Monday afternoon when my boss called me into her office. [/sub]

There has to be more people out here in central NC available to get together in March.

I think it is great. :slight_smile: I saw no location suggestions. What about Tir Na Nog? It is such a festive place. Good Beer too - Foamy. The food is good too. For those that are unfamiliar with it, it is an Irish pub with a hugh bar in the center and tables all around. It has a rustic appearence, pleasant & relaxing atmosphere and typically has live music on weekends.

*NOTE:*One thing I have to respond to my sweet Tygr on: Go Heels! (and yes we are in a divided household in the ACC world)

I like the idea of Tir Na Nog. I’ll do up directions for the out-of-Raleighites. How does Saturday, March 10 sound to people? (I’m assuming that an Irish pub is going to be extremely busy a week later, and Smoothie said she’s not available the next weekend.

DC Dopers? Can we drag some of you down here? Falcon, you’re always up for a roadtrip to a Bash, right? RT & Mrs. Firefly? Sqrl and DC? Olentzero? Weirddave? And whoever else I’m missing?

Oh, and as you promised in the House thread, Mr. & Mrs. Tygr, how did the furshlugginer interview go?

I almost asked Joyce about it, but decided to hold my peace and see what you had to say.

I think I should be able to make it… :slight_smile:

Hmm, is there any chance we could make it Friday the 9th instead?