Hey Earl Snake-Hips Tucker, can we do a SC Dopefest?

I only address this to Earl because he seems to be the senior most SC doper. I got incredibly jealous with this
thread regarding the Mountain Dope. I know there are some upstate and low-country dopers around so how 'bouts a good ole Five Points SC dopefest in Columbia?

I don’t have a problem with it, but I am not a planner by any means. The ones I’ve attended in the past (none in Columbia), I’ve just crashed.

Given the overwhelming response, maybe it wouldn’t work. Perhaps we can just piggy-back on the GA one.

Thanks for responding anyway.

Wait! Wait! You have to give these things some time, Bruce! It’s only been a night. Maybe you can try to privately message some of the Charleston dopers (there are several) and see what they think.

I know that Catalyst and I would be interested. Hell, the skeptic, shotgunhaircut and ARose all live here too.

This thread included the following random SC Dopers: [ul]BrentLumkin in Seneca
Becky and Slainte in Charleston
stuckinthemiddle in Bennettsville
Greywolf73 and DarbyV are somewhere in the Upstate.
stofsky’s also in Columbia, while D Marie and Nightsong drop in and out of Columbia periodically.[/ul]
Anytime after July 26 and before August 22 works best for me. Having it here in Columbia would be awesome as well. ::crosses fingers hopefully::

BTW, I eat out a lot. So if anyone wants to just drop by and say “Hi,” feel free. I typically go to Outback (Harbison) on Wednesday nights, Longhorn (Vista) on Thursday nights, and Texas Roadhouse (Two Notch) on Friday nights. I also get a late lunch at the Salty Nut (Five Points) just about every Sunday afternoon.

If you guys are flexible with your dates, we wouldn’t mind you comin’ on down to Jawja. So far though, just about everyone I’ve polled has indicated the 23rd of August as a date when they can make it.

We are still very much in the planning stages, so why don’t y’all just monitor our thread and we’ll see what works?



I think the rules go date and time first, location, location, location second. Let’s whittle it down. I would assume a weekend would be best, a Friday or Saturday night to allow folks to stay over in a hotel or something. And keeping with Searching For Truth’s request, that would include Aug 8 - 9 and 15 - 16.

What about it?

Columbia area lurker checking in. I’d totally stop by. Normally, I’d even be willing to help plan - except that I’m almost 8 weeks pregnant right now and am so exhausted all the time that I’m pretty useless right now.

A Columbia Dopefest? That’d be SO cool.

Aw, congrats mcms_cricket! A baby cricket on the way–how neat. I wish you weren’t so pooped (that has to be frustrating!) but I know I’d love to have you along. And anyone else we can round up! Whereabouts Columbia do you live? I’m over in the Irmo direction.

I was thinking of taking a shopping trip to Columbia soon… I would be up for the weekend of the 15th/16th (I’m on-call for the 9th/10th unfortunately).

A ColumbiaDope would be great - the Charleston Dopers have fizzled out a bit.

[mock protest]

Hey now! I’ve got fizz, it’s just most noticeable in a coffeehouse mid-afternoon. :wink:

[/mock protest]

I’m in Columbia, would love to come but couldn’t do it until at least August.

Unless anybody remembers anything I’ve ever said here, in which case I will attend but wear a paper bag over my head.

:smiley: No offense meant, Becky.

You know Earl, it’s entirely possible we’ve shared a beer and a burger at the Salty Nut and didn’t even know it.

I might possibly be able to work something out in mid to late August.
I’m hopeless at planning though–I’m such a procrastinator that we’d end up having this Dopefest in a nursing home 60 years from now if any aspect of the planning were left up to me. :wink:

Hi guys – I won’t be back in Columbia until around September 1, so it looks like I’m just going to miss the festivities. I’d love to join in the next time, though. :slight_smile:

Pffft. Where were all of you when I was trying to set up a Dopefest in SC? :smiley:

I wish I could make it, but I won’t be back in SC until the last weekend in July. Oh well. Have fun!

Nah, Skerri, we’re talking about August dates. Does Aug 15th work for most?

Fine with me.