Should we do another Pittsburgh Dopefest?

Anyone up for one?

Maybe a link to where the first one was “kick-ass” would help people get onboard. I wasn’t there, but since it’s a 2 hr drive, will be this time. We could probably hold the function in a vacant KMart. Probably rent one cheep. :smiley:

I’m in, although we might want to wait until the weather breaks. The way this winter’s going that should be what, around May? :wink:


Good idea-hopefully I’ll have a job by then.

You and me both! We could always go back to the potluck in a park idea. . .

Why not? It’ll give me an excuse to show Aaron off to the rellys.


can it be between march 15 and 23? i’ll be in the area then!

Sounds fun, n’at.

I’d love to go to one since it will be my first, but my only mode of transportation are the !@#&@#$ PAT buses.

Actually, agentfront’s suggestion works for me as well, since B and I have to go up to my place to get my car during our spring break.

However, that’s no guarantee that B’ll be up for the extra day or whatever we’d have to be away from home to ensure our presence at pittfest2.

I am free basically anytime 'cept for finals week. I should be here working in the summer at UPMC so that will allow for a lot more flexibility in meeting times. Anyone still up for a Dopefest?

Sorry in advance for bumping an old thread tho…

I will be up (possibly with B. We’ll see) on March 17 and up in the DC area until at latest March 20. So if yinz wanna gittegetherndosumthin, let me know before I make plans to chill with my old college buddies for the duration.

Or before I plan to drive the car down on March 18. Still not sure about that.

we could go to primanti’s

num num num

Yes, yes! Maybe this time I won’t be hungover and I’ll actually come. :slight_smile:

We might still be up for it if it’s on a weekend. The Pittsburgh rellys haven’t seen Aaron since Christmas, so it might be a good time to go.


Mmm… Primanti’s… Sounds good for dinner tonight. :smiley: We could do Primanti’s, Fuel and Fuddle, Joe Mama’s, Eat n Park, oy… All this talk is making me hungry… oh yea and I can’t wait to meet y’all!

I don’t know – I kind of think there’s something vaguely appropriate about meeting punha on St. Patrick’s Day. Whenever we hold one, I’m up for one.


it might be nice to go to primanti bros without the usual precedented hangover.

luckily here in rural ohio we have an eat n park; otherwise my problem cravings for smiley cookies might have gotten in the way of farm life

*Originally posted by BodiceRipper *
**it might be nice to go to primanti bros without the usual precedented hangover.

not hangover; garrrr!!! drunken stupor! silly me!

I’ve actually never been to Primanti Bros. I’ve lived near Pittsburgh for about 10 years now, and my parents have never taken me there. Well, any time between the 15th and 20-somethingth would be great, since I’m on spring break. Except the night of the 16th, because I’m not going to miss the Tori Amos concert for anything!