Albums Named After a Line From a Song (But Not the Song Title)

The Tragically Hip’s great Phantom Power, from a line in an also great song, Something’s On.

You’re so indie. Let’s be friends. Also I love the fact that practically every Shins song is named after a line in it.

Elvis Costello’s album “Blood and Chocolate” gets its name from the first line of the song “Uncomplicated.”

don’t laugh, people, it’s not nice, I’m just answering the question…

The title of Hanson’s debut album, Middle Of Nowhere, is from the first line of the bonus track “Man From Milwaukee” – “It started at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere.”

shut up, shut up, I know you’re laughing…

don’t worry, AntaresJB, i was about to post the same thing…so i won’t be laughing…

Awwww. Well, you have the best name ever.

The new Shins album came out today!

Ok, to finish off U2, the album Boy contains the word boy in the lyrics of a number of songs:
I Will Follow “A boy tries hard to be a man”
Twilight “In the shadow, boy meets man”
Out of Control “Boys and girls…”
Stories for Boys (unless this song disqualifies the album)
The Electric Co. “Boy, stupid boy”

KSO, sadly Macphisto has not been seen in nearly a decade. If anyone happens to be in Vegas and sees a guy in a gold lame suit and devil horns wandering around, muttering about how he’s the one who really gave various world leaders their power, please send him home to me. :smiley:

The Spin DoctorsPocket Full of Kryptonite is taken from a line in Jimmy Olsen’s Blues.

Depeche Mode’s Some Great Reward is taken from the song Lie to me

The Sisters of Mercy’s Floodland is taken from the song This Corrosion.

An Elvis fan and you didn’t think to mention My Aim Is True title from “Alison”??? Or is it just that an entry that easy is beneath you? Is is a little too obvious to deserve much credit.

But sticking with Elvis Costello I could add King of America the album which features the song “Brilliant Mistake” which features the lyrics from which the album title was lifted.

This is up for debate: Can we include Patti Smith’s Horses?
Horses is not the title of the song, the title of the song is “Land” but “Land” is spit into three segments. The first segment is titled “Horses” (the lyrics of which contain the word “horses”).
Does this count?

“Steal Your Face,” (aka “Steal Your Money”) by the Grateful Dead is from the song “He’s Gone”: “Like I told you, what I said, steal your face right off your head.”

“Wake of the Flood” by the Grateful Dead is from the song “Here Comes Sunshine”: “Wake of the flood, laughing water, 40 nights…”

All but one of Duncan Sheik’s CDs.

Phantom Moon

Radiohead’s first album (Pablo Honey) is named for a sample found on one of the tracks. So it’s not even exactly a lyric.

And the title ‘Chutes Too Narrow’ comes from a line in the song ‘Young Pilgrams.’

I’ll be damned if I can remember hearing the Pablo Honey sample on the album. Now I have to listen to it tonight.

The sample, or at least the title, is taken from a Jerky Boys prank phone call skit. I’m surprised I don’t remember this.

I might as well add Actung Baby to my list as well cause I don’t remember hearing that said on The Fly either.

What else have I been missing all these years?

In the penultimate track on Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, a woman repeats the album title over and over.

Lisa-go-Blind, Moo, Hüsker, I came into this thread specifically to mention the new Shins album, since I’ve been listening to it obsessively from the moment I bought it yesterday.

That I was beaten to it, AND the fact that there are people here who love the Shins, makes me so happy to be a member. :slight_smile:

Foo Fighters’ One By One is taken from the first single from that album “All My Life”

Yeah, and it’s <I>creepy</I>. Sometimes I have to skip to the next song because it creeps me out completely.

Yeah, and it’s creepy. Sometimes I have to skip to the next song because it creeps me out completely.