Alc Baldwin arrested for assault in a dispute over a parking space

Cite. Big news in my neck of the woods.

Really, Alec? You give a person a great lawsuit over a parking space?

The Baldwin brothers have always creeped me out.

This is big news?
His temper has gotten him in hot water multiple times now.

Yes, he seems like a violent guy. At least he apparently didn’t use anti-gay insults this time.

Would be awesome if SNL persuaded Trump to do the opening skit tonight, playing Baldwin punching someone or leaving the courthouse.

I always thought parking spots in New York were the one thing that justified violence.

I once heard him say that when he walks into a room, there is not an ounce of fear in him, there’s no one he’s scared of.

That’s not something I’ve often heard other people say. Now that I think about it, it’s the kind of thing Trump would say. It suggests a Chihuahua-like personality.

Not sure what’s going on with that family. Teams of four are common enough in movies; If they got their shit together, they could make a fun interesting movie.

He’s out of control. Not the first time. He needs anger-managment training.

They’d have to have Adam Baldwin take a role too, even though he’s not a sibling of the others.

Make it a group of 5 with a fifth columnist imposter among them.

Fisticuffs over a West Village parking space is puerile and a sure sign of an out-of-towner.

That’s why I always carry a baseball bat on the backseat.

You drive in the city, you get what’s coming to you-- either getting or throwing a punch. Keep your cars on Long Island, you Baldwins.

Now, stealing a cab? That’s a stabbing.

Also Alec, download Spot Hero. My husband swears by it. Me, I’m a real New Yorker. I don’t know how to drive.

Not on the seat! On the gun-rack in the rear window. Along with your carpenter’s level.

I remember his leaked answering machine message. Cursing out his daughter for missing his phone call

That’s when I realized Alec Baldwin is an abusive douchebag.

Well he would be the big guy, the Military vet.

Clearly a bully with a lot of issues.

Hopefully he picks on the wrong person one day, or maybe he’s too smart to do that. Like I say, a typical bully.

Plus it’s his own fault for not putting a chair there.

This ain’t Chicago, missy! The only thing a chair is good for is to have something to throw at the bastard stealing your spot.

Heh. I’ve seen people in Brooklyn trying the “chair” thing. It wasn’t pretty.

Alec’s side of the story.

I’d certainly be irritated, but a parking space isn’t worth punching over.

Pfffft. If I hit someone, they’d sure as hell know wether they’d been slapped or punched.