Alcohol in Australia online...

I have a friend who is sick. I know him only online. He’s in a hospital in Australia and I was wondering:

Can I buy alcohol online (I’m in the states) from any Australian site that’ll deliver the package to him there?

I know it’s a strange question - but maybe someone can help me out.

I doubt it, but I can’t be sure. Alcohol sales are stricter here than in the US. A decade ago there was "Dial-a’Bottle-Shop (liquor store), who would deliver, but I think they went broke or were closed down.

What are you doing trying to ship booze to a hospital patient anyway?

Sorry, I missed the bit about the point of origin being in the States. I still think you’re shovelling shit uphill though. It’ll have a customs declaration on the parcel stating what it is. The parcel will go to the hospital mail room who will ring the Sister-in-charge of the ward, who will give a big “uh uh”. He may be able to pick it up when he is discharged.

Also, he might have to pay duty on alcohol as a non-traveller.

Aah, I had it right the first time. An Australian site? I think it’s doubtful.

These guys will do it:

And if you do a google like this:

wine delivered

you’ll find quite a few places.

This place looks like it will deliver as well, and lists charges for different areas: