Alec Baldwin makes fun of airline incident in new commercial

Alec Baldwin, who was ejected from an American Airlines flight in December for refusing to turn off his cell phone while still on the ground, has made light of it in a recent Capital One commercial.

The commercial, which teams Baldwin up with the Vikings from another series of commercials, ends with Baldwin asking, “What’s in your wallet?” A Viking then asks Baldwin if his phone can play games. Baldwin replies,

“Not on the runway, no.”

Yeah, I saw it a couple of months ago. The final line is the best part of the commercial.

Ah, I didn’t even know what that was referencing.

That pairing still doesn’t work and Alec Baldwin is still hilarious.

It’s been taken down off Youtube & I can’t find it. :frowning:

I have noticed that the 30 Rock team–Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Jane Krakowski–come off as utterly bland and personality-free in their recent TV commercials. “Talent” depends a lot on being nurtured by good writing and direction.

Damn. Oh, well. Apparently Capital One requested the takedown since it was posted by a third party.