Aleve (Pain reliever) – More Prone to Theft Than Other Pain Relievers?

I just bought some pain relievers and the only ones that were looked up were Aleve. Is there something about Aleve that makes it more prone to theft? They didn’t seem to be more expensive. I was thinking maybe it is one of the things meth cooks use? I would have asked the clerk but there was a language barrier. The active ingredient in Aleve is naproxen sodium.

Just as a wild guess, I’d say that it’s because it’s a drug used by seniors for arthritis, and seniors are frequently pinched for cash. Maybe they’re more prone to stealing the medicine they cannot afford.

The drugs used for meth production are usually the cold medicines. I’ve never heard of naproxen being used as an ingredient.

Now this is totally a WAG, and Lissa is probably closer, but the first thing I thought of was that Aleve sells a lot of easy-open caps (b/c of the arthritis use), so they may want to keep it away from children as well.

They could probably be sued for quite a lot of a child opened one up and ate some. (Though the parent/guardian would have to be pretty negligent to leave said kid alone long enough to get into a bottle of pills).

I would say it’s a combination of this and left prevention. IIRC, isn’t Aleve a little more expensive than other pain relievers, as well? Works great, though!