Alex Trebek dead at 80

That his life is in jeopardy.

I was going to post much the same thing. I’ve always been a big fan.

God speed, Alex.

Even if you don’t like him, pancreatic cancer is not the way you want a man to meet God. But I basically like Alex, and I hope he surmounts his challenge.

So sorry to hear this. Big fan of Trebek.

These aren’t puns.

I suspect not, given that he put the retirement talk to rest by signing a multi-year contract to host the show (which he refers to in a bit of levity in the video).

Given the side effects of chemo and radiation… actually, yes, there can be harm in fighting. And choosing not to treat the cancer isn’t necessarily the same as “go home and die”. That’s the route my dad chose for his lung cancer and he got out of the house a lot and did lots of things in the ensuing months.

It really is something that needs to be determined between the patient and his doctors. I’m all for being positive, but there needs to be some reality in the discussion as well.

If Mr. Trebek wants aggressive treatment or to join a clinical trial that is his choice and more power to him. But people who chose to forgo those treatments because they feel the bad effects outweigh the potential benefits do not need to be labeled as “giving up”. I view it as changing battles - from “we’re going to cure this” to “we can’t cure this, but we can make your remaining days the best they can be”. My dad wanted to spend his last days with friends and family and going out to restaurants and eating his favorite foods, not puking his guts up from chemo. And that’s what he did, spend time with people and eat his favorite foods. Other people in his position make a different choice. They’re all equally valid choices when faced with a lot of stage four cancers.

Right now Mr. Trebek wants to opt for aggressive treatment. Good on him. But if in a month or two months he changes his mind that’s also good on him. He wants to continue to work - I really hope he can, people can continue to work with advanced cancer. But if in a month or two he can’t continue to work I won’t see that as a failure or him “giving up”. I would like Mr. Trebek to beat the odds, but it doesn’t look good.

I can’t help thinking of Cindy Stowell, who did so well on the show while she was dying from cancer. One of the most courageous people I’ve ever seen.

Before my wife died of ovarian cancer, we both agreed that we wished we would have spent her last year enjoying life together rather than going through the hell of surgery and chemotherapy.

Wow, this really is sad. And I thought I was bummed when I believed he was retiring.

I’m among those here who have welcomed him into my home for as long as I can remember, starting with High Rollers in the 70s. Even though he’s a total stranger I will really miss him when the time comes.

Best wishes, Alex.

I’ll take “Best Wishes” for $200.


What is the shittest news of the day, Alex?

Agreed and seconded.

Pancreatic cancer is a bear. A mentor of mine - a semi-retired venture cap guy - was doing fine in his early sixties. Vigorous, smart, active. Felt a stomach pain and went to the doctor to get it checked and six to eight weeks later was gone.

I’ve never understood what makes pancreatic cancer so vicious but it sure is.

Covered a bit on GMA this morning. A big problem is that it is difficult to detect in early stages: (1) symptoms are very vague, (2) symptoms in early stages are not very severe, and (3) the location of the pancreas makes detection of tumors by palpitation during a routine physical pretty much impossible. No cost-effective screening test exists.

I was going to take “Celebrities Who I Think Are Cool and Wouldn’t Wish A Diagnosis Like This On For the World” for $1,000. But that would be really hard to fit in those little squares.

Good luck, Mr. Trebek.

I just had a vision of SNL’s possible tribute: Darryl Hammond comes back to do his Sean Connery impression. Connery stalks around the empty Jeopardy set, barking, “Trebek! Where are you, you gobshite?” Then somebody comes and tells him the news, and he goes silent. Then he says, “Who am I going to irritate now with inappropriate jokes about his mother?”

Yeah, it needs work. Whaddaya want before the first cup of coffee?

I’d like to nominate Sully as a replacement.

My mind also went to Darryl Hammond and what, if anything, SNL will do to honor Alex. Also, will it be in poor taste to laugh at those Jeopardy spoofs? :confused:

Kind of odd choice, but I’m willing to give it a try.

The best of luck and strength to Mr. Trebek.

The same company that developed Cologard (the non-invasive colon cancer test) are working on developing a test that would use the same technology to detect pancreatic cancer very early, while there’s a greater chance of curing it. It’s still early days, but I think it looks promising.

I was on Jeopardy!. We contestants were not allowed to talk to Alex out of fears of accusations of being given the answers, or something like that.