Alias 10/19 -- SPOILERS

Overall I thought this was a pretty solid ep. I’m glad that the hysteria that Sydney exhibited last week over that scientist guy wasn’t repeated this week with anyone. Everybody got a little eye candy with Syd diving off the balcony and the head thief guy stripping down. Vaughn’s bleeding in a ditch somewhere waiting for pickup and all’s right with the world. Now he and Sydney will have matching belly scars.


I am getting rather tired of “Sloane as Oracle at Delphi.” Every episode one or more of the team runs off to see what intel Sloane has on the terrorist of the week, and it’s obvious it serves no real function but to give him the chance to twist a hook into someone’s gut. Last week he hit the trifecta, getting to watch Syd, Vaughn and Bug (Vaughn’s Wife, or VW, hence “Bug”) twist on the line; this week he had to content himself with just Bug. What he hopes to gain by turning her against her father is an open question. For whatever reason, when Bug snapped at Vaughn about the weapon Sark used, I got the impression that she was a double-agent for the Covenant. Why her desire to know about Sark’s weapon would trigger this response in me I don’t know.

So now Dixon and Vaughn know that Sydney was/is “Julia” and that she killed that Russian. I’m still expecting Jack’s worm from last week to jump up and bite him in the ass later but at least the NSC is off Sydney’s trail for the moment.

Marshall was adorable as always and I’m loving the interaction between him and his babymama. Marshall’s the only person on that show who I can see as an actual functional parent, and that includes all the people who currently are parents.

I wanna know what the deal is with Sloane and the myriad glasses of water. Every time we see him, there’s always a big pitcher of water, and he’s pouring and drinking it. Could be nothing, could be something. But I notice it every time.

Fantastic ending this week. Did Syd plant the bug on Vaughn, or did she manage to get it on the briefcase?

Decided I’d give you this week, Otto.

Any way, why must Alias be so uncomfortable to watch? Every week, someone’s getting in a situation where they have to deal with Sloane, or Syd and Vaughn are having to work together, or something like that.

And how about Syd giving Vaughn the “Will Tippin Treatment” after the mission? Hope he gets better.

I just started watching the show this season, so forgive my ignorant questions.

Syd’s dad looks to me like he’s gotta know more than he’s letting on: given his weird manipulations of Syd, attempts to keep her from discovering the truth about her 2-year absence, and so forth, I’m almost suspecting that he was involved in her abduction. Is this really far off the mark?

Also, on a side note, from what I’d heard about the show I’d expected Syd to be a master of disguise. So far this season, Clark Kent’s glasses-routine has knocked the socks off any disguise she’s come up with. Does she ever go in for convincing disguises, or is this just something the viewer is supposed to accept?


Nah, it’s mostly an obvious wig and a local-stereotype outfit. The costumes and mission sequences have always been decidedly tongue-in-cheek, even moreso lately.

First off DanielWithrow, let me be the first to say…THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! Any number of crazy questions are welcome.

As stolichnaya got your last question, I’ll address your first. Although it’s not unreasonable to think that Jack may want to keep Sydney from learning the truth about her missing 2 years, I think it’s close to impossible that he had anything to do with the disappearance. He would only want to keep her from the truth if he thought it would be too difficult for her to handle…everything he has done in the past 2 seasons has been to protect his daughter. It’s hard to tell how much he loves her because their relationship is so strained but, believe it or not, they’ve come a long way. Hope I answered your question…

I don’t really see Jack as trying to keep Syd from trying to learn the truth. I see him wanting her to go about it in such a way that is going to have the least amount of negative consequences for her. Like this last ep. She was making herself nuts watching the video of herself killing the Russian and trying to make out what he said as he died (nice of them to set up the “Julie or Julia” business so completely woodenly…sheesh). He didn’t want her torturing herself trying to get something out of the video when he’d already run it through analysis himself.

Remember also that Jack was in solitary for a year for contacting Irina (Sydney’s mother and enemy of the State) to track her down. If he’d had anything to do with Syd’s disappearance, an indefinite stay in solitary is a hell of a price to pay for it.

Okay, thanks, folks! Jack still looks awful suspicious in his behavior to me, but I knownothing of his character beyond what’s happened in the last three episodes, so I could easily be way off the mark. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue watching.


Are we supposed to like Vaughn’s wife? Cuz I don’t. I realize it’s an unsympathetic character, under any circumstances. He should have waited til the end of time for Syd!!! But I just don’t care for the character, the actress or anything regarding the “Vaughn is married” plot line.

Big time hot mama in her black undies…now that’s another story.

Maybe a cat-fight next week when Syd tells the wife that she stabbed Vaughn??? Looked like some tension in the previews.

My mom’s been saying that Wifey is a double agent since the first episode she appeared in, and mom’s only been watching since the start of the season. It’d be interesting if she were right.