ALIAS season 3 premiere (SPOILERS)

It’s two years later. Sydney wakes up in the streets of (where, Hong Kong?) with a mysterious scar on her stomach and no memory of the lost time. Vaughn is married, her father’s in custody and Dixon’s in charge. Where does the incredulity begin?

First, I loved the ep, even if there was absolutely nothing the slightest bit realistic about it. Good fight scenes, nice playout of the mystery, nice interaction between Sydney and Vaughn. Oh Marshall, how I love you. “I lost my keys. It’s a metaphor.” The parallel to the series premiere was interesting (Sydney retrieves something her bosses want to allay their suspicions of her…nice) and I wonder if it speaks to how the season itself is going to play out. Unraveling the mystery of the two years vs unravelling the mystery of SD-6 (which took, hey, two years).

I’m really torn between wanting this to be some elaborate (perhaps Rimbaldi device-inspired) dream/hallucination and this actually being two years in the future. (Or, “almost” two years as the narrative would have it. I have a feeling that as real time advances, if this isn’t an elaborate hoax, that the “almost” two years will shrink and shrink until reality and the show are back in synch.) Mostly because I don’t like the idea that Sloan went to all the trouble of 30 years to assemble the device and it yields the one-word message “peace”? Side note, what language do you suppose it was in? How was the message presented, audio or print, or maybe some other freaky format?

On the “completely beyond the pale” side of things, I don’t think there’s any way that Dixon would become some sort of section chief in two years. He was an (admittedly unwitting) enemy agent for a decade or longer and had only been with the real CIA for a few months before Sydney’s disappearance. I don’t think he’d be trusted enough to be in any high-level position in that short a time. I’m hoping maybe that’s a clue that this is unreality.

In Syd’s little whited-out dream sequence, did anyone else think the figures were Irina and the Asian torture guy? I forget what happened to him, is he dead?

I forgot to note which letters were highlighted to see if they spelled anything. Anyone else note them?

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