Alice in Chains' [ex-]bassist, Mike Starr - dead

Article here.

Crap. I only know his work via AiC, but it’s really too bad; given his appearance, apparently, on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew :rolleyes:, it might be drug-related.

The band is snakebit when it comes to drugs, given Layne Staley’s long love affair with and eventual demise by heroin. Godsmack, indeed.

Sad news, and I’m sorry for his family. But for casual AIC fans it’s worth noting that Starr hasn’t been in the band since 1993, so it’s not likely they’re going to split up or stop touring or whatever as a result. Starr was their bassist on their first album and Dirt. Mike Inez has been their bass player since then. At least, when there’s been a band at all.

He played bass on the EP Sap as well.

That season was the only season of Celebrity Rehab that I watched. The video clips of Mike and his father getting high together were SUPREMELY depressing. There were also some pretty poignent scenes of Layne Staley’s mom talking to the rehabbers… and telling Mike specifically not to go down the road her son did. Sooo sad! :frowning:

Oops, yeah, sorry; thanks for clarifying that - something I should’ve included…

I’ll add “ex” to the thread title.

Yes; thanks.

I saw AiC perform with Mike Starr many, many years ago - even went backstage to meet them. He was the first “rockstar” to ever hit on me - I demurred since I was much, MUCH younger than I looked.

How sad.