RIP Layne Staley

Nothing official yet, but:

We’ll miss you.

*Into the flood again, the same old trip it was back then. So I made a big mistake, try to see it once my way.

Am I wrong? Have I run too far to get home?
Have I gone and left you here alone?*

I think maybe you have this time Layne. I hope you have found a release from your demons at last. Goodbye and Godspeed.:frowning:

Another thread discussing him at Cafe Society.

Well, about three years or so ago, I heard that his health certainly wasn’t the best… guess this is where it all ends. We’ll miss you, Layne, and hope that you have indeed found a better place where your demons won’t haunt you anymore.

It’s been the top of the news here in the Seattle area. According to someone that knew him, he had recently gotten real heavy into drugs. I always thought Alice in Chains was the best of the Seattle grunge bands.

I thought the poor SOB must’ve passed on already. I’ll be playing my “Greatest Hits” in memoriam tonight. :frowning: