Alien Flashers

Yes folks - that’s right!! Aliens, not content with simply buzzing our planet, occasionally disecting a few of us or picking up the occasional “stray bird” for rumpy-pumpy in the back seat of the spaceship are now traveling millions of light years to expose their private parts to innocent humans…

Taken from the Big Issue UK No.457 (October 1-7)

I am reminded of the Fernwood 2-Night episode where a woman claimed to have been raped by an alien using a beam of light, and was worried that she may give birth to a flashlight.

(I miss that show)

Sounds like she saw Flesh Gordon recently, with Emperor Wang’s drill-endowed robots.

Doesn’t everybody’s?

Open wide and say “AAAAIIIIEEEE!”

That’s a reprint of an article that appeared in the US publication, “The Weekly World News.”


Eeer… sounds like “Big Issue U.K.” is an awful lot like the 'State’s “Weekly World News”.

In their defence, it is just one small section at the back entitled “Mad World” - the rest of the publication is serious in tone and sophisticated in content…


Having said that…

From Big Issue UK No.458 (October 8-14)

Aren’t people embarrassed to put ‘UFO researcher’ after their names?
Would ‘crop circle expert’ be worse?

Not if you’re an expert in constructing them.