Aliens and UFO Art – Yep, another loony site. As Seen on Something Awful.

It is pretty funny just reading through this site. It isn’t like the TIME CUBE site, where the webmaster/head toon insists on bizarre attributes for his `content’. Plus, unlike our formerly-resident Hinkmaster, the author isn’t trying to create and popularize his own pseudo-jargon full of cant and incomprehensible technical terms.

In all, a pleasantly surreal read on a level with Japanimation efforts of the 1960s (think Speed Racer): intriguing without being too deep, with plenty of evil aliens and lizard-android impostors taking over the government.

But most importantly, this Nutty Buddy is a Photoshopper. Or maybe he’s a Gimper, if he uses the GNU Project’s image tool. He has created absolutely incomprehensible images using the image manipulation filters advanced picture-creation software provides, and he has given them captions that capture his insanity.


Evil aliens still need to suckle. But they suck on a cow goddess, which I suppose only makes sense for giant evil lizards who resent that humans have been given owl DNA and are no longer willing slaves. Sorry, “hu_mans”. Underscores matter.

I will stare in awe at anyone who can identify a single tit in the “index_whitebreasts.gif” image I linked to. I’m Freudian as hell and I couldn’t see nipplage in that to save my life.

Anyway, the battle between lizards and owl-enhanced humans seems to be the main mango of this loon’s fruit salad. Apparently, the lizards have retaliated against us by creating lizard-owl hybirds that are as smart as those wiley owls but, ya know, eee-vil. They’re the “HRUMACHIS MAN,” and they have infiltrated our top levels. For example, Rush Limbaugh is a HRUMACHIS MAN. Cardinal Law is a Reptoid, too. Hans Blix is a double-threat: He is a lizard cyborg, leading humanity to war.

I’m loving reading through his page and marveling at his insightful commentary on amazingly lucid images. He really makes a lot of sense, with his talk of giant snake nests in the center of Mars and people playing NIN_TENDO on the moon.

Eh, actually I think he was bitten as a child and he stopped breathing for a bit too long.

The HRUMACHIS MAN has been synthesized by the Reptiles in order to “CONTINUE THEIR CONTROL ON EARTH AND THEIR KINGDUMB



Would make a most excellent band name.