Alien naming contest!

I want to name an alien character in the sci-fi short story that I may or may not get around to writing one of these days. Whoever can think up the bizarrest, campiest, most alien-sounding name wins! The only rule is that the name must be completely original (Zaphod Beeblebrox, for instance, would be disqualified).


A couple of questions?

  1. Is the alien Male, Female, or “none of the above”?

  2. What type of creature is the alien? Similar to a Reptile? A Mammal? Something that doesn’t have a parallel on Earth?

  3. Hero or Villain?

1. Is the alien Male, Female, or “none of the above”?

Hmmm… good question. None of the above.

2. What type of creature is the alien? Similar to a Reptile? A Mammal? Something that doesn’t have a parallel on Earth?

Definitely insectile. With maybe a few reptilian characteristics.

3. Hero or Villain?

Villain, of course!




Myrdixen Tyxlefner

Hurkdictar Simdiclon

(I love coming up with funky names)

Try going to this website:

On that website is a Fantasy Name Generator (Scroll down the sidebar of links until you see it). Granted, it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s darn close and it has a LOT of adjustable options. Even if you don’t get a name you like, maybe you’ll see something you can tweak.

I think a doctor prescribed this to me one time.

Ustkalcha, Blaperach, Smeeshbur, Vorkindelgartia… that’s a cool site!


(the z and k sounds make it cool)


The apostrophe and double “a” suggest an imperfect transliteration into English, which is logical enough for an alien name, and the name itself is reasonably short and memorable, making it easier for the reader. I suggest you play around with “K” sounds for something short, sharp and servicable.

Baal’ran Spomaj Katlothbry.

Which I made by taking the first syllables of the names of each Doper to respond to this thread, minus myself.

At least I’m bringing up the rear.

“Katlothbry” sounds kinda cool.

Insectoid, eh?


Or Fred. I’ve always liked Fred.

Alien Bob

Tars in on the right track. The wierder the alien, the more mundane the name.

“Jennifer” would be a very good name for an alien insect.

Now, if you’re going for serious, keep it short and simple. Use gutterals. “Krait” would be especially good, since it’s also the name of a poisonous snake.

And, for the love of all that’s science fiction, don’t put any apostophes in the name.

Yes, please, no apostrophes. Use something else, like section symbols or paragraph marks, just to screw up the publishers.

How 'bout Xixax? Question mark, too. Not only does it have a lot of X’s (always a good thing), but the mandatory question mark suggests tone or something. The alien probably speaks Chinese or something.

I am Xixax?. I come in peace.

Pryaxor, Son of Gr’reware, Son of Twre’klar, Overlord of the 234th Dimension, King of the planet THyrea’tchPra, and Husband of Jennifer.

Yeah, I’m with Tars and Silentgoldfish on this one

Bob, Fred, Dirk, Bobo, something like that. I suppose considering it’s to be a villian, maybe Weed or Stinger. The way I see it, the alien would have a name that cannot be pronounced or written in our language, therefore, people would have to come up with something that could be so they could refer to the alien by some kind of name.

Otherwise, I’d go with something like Cztich

Damn, I really hate it when I hit return before I’ve finished with ** MY FORMAT CODING!!**

Is this name to be pronounceable by humans?

I nominate !ksnixt. The exclamation point at the beginning is actually the accepted phonetic symbol for a sound found in some human languages, though I’m not sure what it is. I think it might be the sound of clicking one’s tongue against the roof of one’s mouth.