Your Favorite Fictional Aliens

Strange visitors from another planet.
They crop up in books, comics & movies.
Name one, two, or three of your favorites.

[li]Spock[/li][li]Kal-El/Superman[/li][li]Roger (American Dad)[/li][/ul]

The Doctor

Zaphod Beeblebrox

Does Malcolm Reynolds count?

If he can pass a blood test, then no.

I’m voting for species rather than individuals, and ignoring super-iconic races like Time Lords and Vulcans.

  1. Treecats from David Weber’s novels set in the ‘Honorverse’
  2. The Ood from NuWho.
  3. The Newcomers from the Alien Nation tv show back in the early '90s.

Starman (Jeff Bridges)

*Fictional *aliens? As opposed to what?

The aliens in Liquid Sky! They’re invisible, their spaceship is the size of a dinner plate, and they travel the universe looking for hallucinogens while Kraftwerk style music plays behind them.

Klaatu (the Michael Rennie version)

I’ll nominate two species from Tanya Huff’s Valor Series - The Di’Taykan (essentially space elves that will enthusiastically screw anything and everything), and the Krai, who’ll eat anything and everything.


Gaila - The Green-skinned Orion from Star Trek
Seven-of-Nine - The Borg from Star Trek
Anna (or Inara Serra) - from V or Firefly

Darkseid of Apokolips

Yes, aren’t they all? Fictional, I mean.


Ford Prefect, my personal fave.

The Cheela
The Kzin
The Thrint

I have a soft spot for the Atevi, because they’re largely based on Meiji/Edo Japanese culture. The idea of assassination being an openly accepted form of political change is also interesting.

I like the Thranx too, mostly because of the personality of one character, Truzenzuzex.

D.R. and Quinch. S’right.

I can never resist mentioning Harry Turtledove: in this instance, the reptilian “Race” (“the Lizards” to their human foes) in that author’s Worldwar series. As invaders from outer space who want to conquer Earth and enslave mankind, go: these guys are absolute sweethearts. In some ways – recognisable to humans – they are overall more honest and moral, than is homo sapiens.

The race that built the Doomsday Machinein Star Trek ToS. I know little about them, but any species that rolls a joint that big must be pretty fun to hang out with.

The Amazons from Futurama ('cause you know, snu-snu)

The Draags, because it was literally my introduction to science fiction and left a deep mark on my psyche entertainment- and philosophy-wise (five year old me thought ‘hey, a cartoon!’ and turned 40 two hours later).

Mind the oranges, Marlon.

My favourite alien is probably Grig.

Have a guess :slight_smile:

Actually the Clangers never did visit Earth, they had a look and didn’t like what they saw.

  • A second vote for Starman
  • Daneel Olivaw
  • Invader Zim