Alien vs Predator trailer is up

Here it is.

Hopefully, the movie won’t suck.

But where’s Batman?!

Getting prepared.

Ah, touché.

Glad to hear its finally being made. I first heard of this back in 1993. Nearly 10years in the making. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah too bad there’s just about zero footage up.

Why bother putting up a trailer if you’re only in pre production?

Anyone else think the story so far is eye rollingly stupid? I liked the script I heard years ago a lot better (I think that was the basis of the comic a colony was overrun by aliens and in the end a female human was invited to come along with the predators) and the maker of that terrible resident evil is involved? Bad sign.

Well, this is clearly more of a teaser than a trailer - just close-ups of the masks and a lot of daramtic sound effects.

To me it only becomes a “trailer” when actual footage from the film is included.

Correct, it’s just a teaser to get people interested (or to let non-obsessive folks not on the 'net aware it exists). Principal photography started only within the last week or two so there isn’t anything to put in a trailer anyway.

Word of warning, the director is Paul W.S. Anderson, the talentless hack who made Soldier (with Kurt Russell) and Resident Evil. He also made Event Horizon, which some people apparently enjoyed for reasons unfathomable to me.

Bottom line, don’t get your hopes up for AvP. I know I keep saying that about stuff (e.g., Underworld a few weeks ago), but I don’t say it lightly.

I never saw Soldier, but RE was a crime against man.

Event Horizon was ok but it made me wonder if the guy had just watched Hellraiser and made a crappy space version of it. Don’t open the box! I mean Don’t Fold space time!

I rather enjoyed the Resident Evil movie. Sure, I wouldn’t give it any awards and as a horror movie it stinks, but as a piece of entertainment it’s quite alright.

So, from where I’m standing, Aliens vs Predator has a chance of being enjoyable.

There is an Invisible Pink Unicorn!

No matter how bad the director is, how do you screw up an Aliens vs. Predator movie? You have space monsters thrashing each other for two hours! At the very least, you’d break even.

That’s right Ranchoth. Some folks also wondered how you could screw up a sequel to highlander…
Oh, this movie is gonna suck. I just know it!

Damn it all to hell but this is going to suck and I so desperatly want it not to!

How can you screw up an alien movie? You have face huggers chest bursters and huge aliens with fangs claws and deadly tails.

I submit Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection.

I actually kinda liked Alien[sup]3[/sup]. It was not a bad movie, just very different from the first two. Ressurection, however, was garbage.
shudders at the memory of that stupid pink monster

I notice they’re going to call it AVP, so that they remove three of the coolest and most informative words in the title.

Feh, if it’s not like the original Atari Jaguar video game, it won’t be half as cool… :wink:

The Dark Horse comic was really cool, but I don’t have high hopes for the storyline they are going with on the movie.

Lance Henriksen is in this, so I’m keeping some hope. I just have one huge and overriding wish–

No buckets of alien goo.

In some ‘making of’ documentary for Alien Resurrection, there was a scene of multiple gofers slogging buckets of alien goo and dumping it all over, and the director calling for more. More goo, he says! The alien needs to be gooier!

No, it doesn’t! The alien doesn’t leave a trail of slime behind it everywhere it goes! Yeah, it drools like a faucet in closeups, but it’s not a goddamn slug! You could outrun a goddamn slug!