"Alien vs Predator" is a movie?

I know this was a comic book and a game but now it’s apparently a movie!

Alien vs Predator

Yup, seen several ads on TV for it already.

You seem to have answered your own question with your link.

Yes, it is a movie coming out next month.

Here is the page from iFilm that has a one minute “teaser” trailer and a two and a quarter minute featurette on the making of the movie that you can play:


The trailer that has been in the theaters for the past several weeks is longer than this one, but the featurette includes several of the types of things you can gleam from the longer trailer.

It’s important to note that the AVP movie has nothing to do with either the comic series OR the video game… Which is a shame because either of them (or at least the first comic series and the AVP2 game) had good plots, characters and stories.

AVP on the other hand has the action taking place in modern day Antarctica in an Aztec temple where Predators hunt aliens – which sort of destroys any chance of continuity with any of the Alien or Predator films.

Maybe being in Antarctica, the Thing could make a guest appearance…

They lifted the Darkhorse storyline to some extent. Major features are there, and to be honest, it’s a better script than if it were set on $random_planet.

It’s still pretty unspeakably bad considering what it could have (should have) been. There’s a particular clip from the preview where a Predator whips out his double spring loaded mounted over the hand blade thing… stops a beat… and then is springs out to twice its length to make it longer and pointier. Quality prop design, guys. Glad you gave it so much thought to come up with cool new stuff.

I for one hope the tagline (“Whoever wins, we lose”) stays true to the very end. I don’t want a cheezy ending where the humans win out, or where there’s some cliché tie/stalemate. I mean c’mon, we’re all rooting for either the Aliens or the Predators, right? (personally, I’m cheering for the Aliens. Exoskeletons make everything cooler)

Personally I’d rather they had set it on a completely alien planet, that didn’t look like anything we’ve ever seen before, and have no humans at all.

But that’s probably too risky for them to attempt.

Why would we lose if the Predators win? Don’t they just come to earth to hunt once in a while, but not to actually conquer it?

Hey we all know that we win (or everyone dies). Aliens haven’t conquered the world in the future. A Predator isn’t on the board of directors for the Wayland-Yutani corporation. Comic or no, I can’t imagine how this movie won’t be another Freddy vs Jason crossover suckfest.


The events of both Predator films were essentially kept secret (which is good considering how stupid Predator 2 was!) There’s no reason that Weyland’s company should have any knowledge of them.

And it seems pretty obvious that the events of this film are not going to make it onto the evening news. IOW most of the humans aren’t going to get out alive, and even the ones that do are all still employees of W/Y and will be bought off or discredited (Space monsters? Yeah right Mr. Nutball). And all the evidence will remain locked up in the company’s vault for about 150 years until the beacon that the Nostromo relays back is recognized…

The thing that always bugged me about Alien - how the hell did W/Y know there was going to be a specimen to be brought back?? Why were they expecting to find anything out there?? So maybe this film will answer that.

Of course, it’s directed by the same guy who did Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil.

So I expect big-time suckitude.

I’m not about to rent Alien to double check, but wasn’t the message something along the lines of if there is a specimen, bring it back?

I just tossed in the DVD:

Not the mention, the scene leading up to this conversation has the rest of the crew speculating: Why did the company send us out with a robot? I can only guess the company wanted it for the weapons division.

It seems pretty clear that W/Y expected to find something very interesting.

The Company had already translated the beacon from the derelict spaceship before any human ship had landed there. Ripley found out it was a warning after working with the transmission for a couple of hours using the shipboard computer. But long before then, the Weyland Yutani corporation had their lab boys go over it with a fine tooth comb. They were counting dollar signs as they looked over their shipping records to see which WT ship might be passing through to “accidentally” discover the alien life form and bring it back.

Of course corporate greed always ends with innocent people suffering. Witness “Alien Resurrection.”


What in hell is an Aztec temple doing in Antarctica?

I personally am rooting for the Predators, what with being a female and all.

I mean, let’s be pragmatic. They only want to cull off a few …

Its only Aztec-looking. Its actually a Predator construction built centuries ago to serve as a sort of coming-of-age arena/temple for their young (i.e. to fight Aliens in).

If you look closely you can see that the pseudo-hieroglyphic inscriptions contain predator images.

[Hudson]Oh dear lord Jesus, this can’t be happening, man, this isn’t happening![/Hudson]

I’m a sucker for the Aliens franchise. I bought the individual DVDs, I bought the Alien Legacy collection of them because it offered a free ‘making of’ DVD if you mailed in your proof of purchase, I bought the Alien Quadrilogy (9 more DVDs!) because Aliens finally had James Cameron’s commentary. I have the Dark Horse comics, I have the computer games, I have the shitty Alien sci-fi books written mostly by Steve and Stephanie Perry and all of the knockoffs from their series, I even have the short-lived Aliens RPG from Leading Edge games and their tabletop wargame for Aliens. I came close to buying an Atari Jaguar just to play their Alien vs Predator console game.

They could remake Mr Smith Goes To Washington with an alien in the title role and I’d go see it.

I’m going to see Alien vs Predator on opening night, despite what I thought of Alien Resurrection and despite what I’ve read (admittedly limited, as I want this to be as much of a surprise to me as possible) about this movie.

And then I’m going to go home and cry and wonder why I can’t cut my losses and move on.

I see Lance Heinrickson is back as Charles Bishop Weyland. Other than the creatures, I imagine he is the one tenitive link to the existing Alien universe.
Since Aliens takes place 50 years after Alien and Alien takes place far enough in the future for interplanetary space travel to develop (ok lets assume he steal Predator technology in this movie to speed it along), is Bishop the Robot supposed to be some kind of Weyland-Yutani 75th aniversary model or something?

Alien vs Predator posits that Bishop-the-android in Aliens and Alien[sup]3[/sup] is modeled after Charles Bishop Weyland, the founder of Weyland-Yutani.

However, Alien[sup]3[/sup] features a character played by Lance Henriksen who claims to be the human designer of Bishop-the-android, sent to be a familiar face to Ripley. He’s bashed with a wrench and clearly bleeds red, not the white goo we saw from Bishop-the-android.

In order to force these into some semblance of continuity, I guess I have to argue that the “human designer” was really just a newer model Bishop android whose blood looks realistic as opposed to clearly synthetic, and that all Bishop models are really based on Charles Bishop Weyland from centuries earlier.

Kinda iffy. Anyone got a better excuse?