Aliens on TNT Right Now - Brightness different

Aliens is on TNT right now. The brightness level looks different. The movie looks a lot brighter. Anybody elso notice this?

Brighter than what? Maybe it’s an HD broadcast? I’ve noticed that, even on my SD (digital) resolution television, the HD broadcasts still look heaps clearer and sharper than even DVD.

My favorite Alien movie!

Can you believe it took me TEN YEARS to figure out a part I never understood?

When they were escaping thru the vent ducts and Vasquez is out of ammo and burned by the Alien corpse, one of the other marines goes back to help her. What I never understood was why he stuck around to blow themselves up? Why didn’t he give her the grenade and say “its been fun!” :confuse:

Somehow seeing the film 50+ times I never realized when he went back to help her he was trapped by xenomorphs coming in from every direction! d’oh! and here I thought he was some love-crazed hero or something :stuck_out_tongue:

That was Lt Gorman, in charge of the mission despite being an incredibly green officer. Right from the start, Vasquez had little respect for him — remember her accusing question of how many combat drops he’d been on, and having to be restrained from attacking him after the reactor room fiasco in which two marines were captured and four killed (“Wake up, pendejo jerkoff, I want to kill you!”).

If you look carefully, though, you can find a romantic subplot in Wierzbowski and Crowe. Really. I swear. The hard part is finding out just which ones they are, as they’re not identified until they’re dead. :wink:

I thought that networks often change the contrast on their offerings to make them “more accessible”.

This pisses me off, of course. Cameron and Adrian Biddle made Aliens dark for a reason.

How much brighter can you make it? Are they turning the blacks into greys?

Watched it again on Wednesday night in 5.1 on DVD to test my new surroundy sound system. Noticed things I haven’t before soundwise too. When its coming at you from behind left, you notice how much the wind whistling outside the terraforming complex adds to the tension and remoteness of the situation.

Off topic, but has anybody else noticed how the voice synch goes out on the Quadrilogy boxset version once the marines wake up? you can cure it by switching to audio commentary and back again.

Best film ever. Do TNT cut films? because ITV in the UK have everytime they showed on TV.

They are the rebels of the squad, right up there with Vasquez. As they enter Sublevel 3, both have to be told by Apone, by NAME to give up their ammunition. “You can have it from my cold, dead fingers” is the implication, but being professional soldiers they obey their leader and give up the ammunition.

Of course, all of this happens off screen and you just hear their names, but you learn a lot about Crowe and 'Ski in this pivotal scene. I heard that the romantic subplot was to be revisited in Alien Resurrection but the actors weren’t available and the producers felt it was better to drop it than infuriate fans with replacement peformers.


I noticed it as well. It will make some of the effects look bad.
You should have a brightness control for your tv.

Geeky nitpick. ITV don’t do the cutting, they just buy a cheap pre-cut version from a US TV network.

For the longest time I thought Michael Beine’s (sp?) character was yelling, “Where’s Bowski?” not Wierzbowski :smack:

Well, I dunno about Wierzbowski and Crowe, but there was implied romantic tension between Vasquez and Drake, the other heavy gunner, even to the point where Vasquez had to be restrained from running out and helping Drake, even though Drake had been thoroughly splattered.

Of course, Spunkmeyer was just out for a walk to stretch his legs after nailing Ferro in that tiny cockpit.

Cameron wanted us to believe that the goo he put his hand in when he ran up the ramp was alien slime, but you and I know better, don’t we. Hell, his name gives it away.