Aliens Tech/Nano-DNA Causes Rapid Physiological Changes - What Do You Do?

So, let’s just consider a light-hearted scenario (we needn’t ask too many questions about how such is possible):

So, now what do you do? If you risk showing people how you look, the government might get involved. You’ll certainly draw attention - and would the government want to experiment on you (as people always say governments would do such things)?



As an added bonus, it turns out that some alien tech/nano-DNA is still embedded in other small pieces of the meteorites - maybe, if you inform governments, you could use this as a bargaining chip to retain your freedom and voluntarily offer for non-invasive experimenting?

Not sure why the government would get involved, as if I drew any attention at all, it’d be that some tall weirdo happens to really be into some niche / extreme “furry” form of elvish body modification.

I would get to my lab immediately and start sequencing my DNA.

I love how nowadays people will just throw in “DNA” with “alien nanotech” as if they’re both equally magical.

I’m confused about this bit:

On my planet, people with both of skin tones already exist - how does changing the skin tone from black to white (or vice versa) spice it up at all?

A new skin tone of blue, green, scarlet, purple or silver would spice things up, ‘light African’, not so much.

I know, it’s ridiculous. Everyone knows that you can get much more magic from DNA extraction by making it part of a blood sacrifice! And drawing a pentagram with alien nanotech is a real pain; the stiff tends to wriggle.

Come on - everyone knows elves are white! Even the dark elves!

I’m not seeing it - you’re basically a tall (but not impossibly so) good-looking human with pointy ears, how would you not be able to cover that up if you want to? I mean, the tech hasn’t given you any powers or anything, just made you good at reaching the top shelf.

You would get so much @ss at the next LOTR convention!

What I want to know is, where did my tits go? I want my tits back! And my ASS!

Being able to change lightbulbs without a ladder would be nice, mind you.

They’ve been compensated for by an Elvish schlong.

Use it for good.

I’d start wearing a hat.

Seriously though, an elf? What a rip-off, if I’m going to be turned into something non-human at least make it interesting. :smiley: