"All About That Bass": harmless pop song or insult?

For any of you who haven’t heard the latest top forty earworm, the lyrics are here. If you’d like to have it linger in your brain, check out Youtube (sorry, I can’t
access from work).

On the radio the other day the DJs played a phone call from a supposedly outraged woman that complained that this song was insulting to thin (she used the phrase “in shape”)women and promoted obesity. I say “supposedly” not because that might not truly be her opinion but because of the over the top, Valley Girlesque way she expressed herself.

Does anyone here find it offensive(aside from it being pap)? Do you think it promotes obesity or a healthy self image?

I’m personally not thin enough to be insulted by “skinny bitches” but not fat either, so I don’t need a song to make me feel good about myself (that’s what vodka is for :wink: ).

What say you all?

I haven’t decided if it’s positive self-image or rationalization that Americans are all fat now. But the question has occurred to me too.

I think your use of the word “supposedly” is well advised given my experience with outraged callers to top 40 radio stations.

I thought the “I’m just playing” line was whoever wrote the song’s attempt to say that whether you’re thick or thin, you’re beautiful. The effectiveness of this one line buried in the rest of the song is left as an exercise for the listener.

Not sure how I feel about the message, or if the message is what I think it is, but gosh darn if it is not a catchy catchy tune.

That’s why I’ve come to prefer this version: All About the Books

I’ll pick harmless pop song for $200 , Alec.
I think the idea is that beauty is internal, not at the plastic surgeons’ office. Since I am about as far from the demographic as you can get, my reasoning may be suspect. It does stick in your head, though. I, too, am all about the bass…;D

I’d say that the skinny in-shape people of the world have it pretty good and should be able to let an insult or two roll off their toned backs.

Won’t somebody think of the in-shape people!?

In-shape people need to get over themselves and check their thin-privilege.

There are some obviously insulting lines, like “silicone barbie dolls” and the “skinny bitches” line isn’t really justified by the lol, jk at the end. However, if this is what gets you outraged after the deluge of fat shaming in pop culture, I have to question your priorities. It isn’t even the worst part of the song, as “it’s ok, men will still want to have sex with you” shouldn’t really be the centerpiece of body positivity.

Some of these songs…I weep for my children. This kind of crap will one day be their “oldies”.

Your parents said the same thing about the crap you listened to.

I know. Get off my lawn, wouldja? :stuck_out_tongue:

No. Shit.

Just as an aside, the DJs asked her if she was one of those “skinny bitches” ,to which she was happy to reply that “she works hard to stay in shape” and that no one should
be encouraging people “be fat”:rolleyes: So yeah, some bizarre kind of stealth brag going on there.

I pretty much twigged her as a troll, but I thought it was kind of an interesting topic.

Now, on a related subject, I work in an office chock full of young professional type men and I have been, uh, surprised, to notice that the trend of the skinny trouser silhouette have infiltrated men’s dress wear as well. So, I regularly find myself walking behind some young gent and find myself stuck with Jimmy Fallon’s *Tight Pants *song stuck in my head.(Darn it; for some reason I can’t insert a link:mad:) Believe me, that one will stick with you.

All I know is, every time I hear this song, I think to myself, “Well, every song needs some treble. I mean, come on.”

Actually, apart from the awful title refrain, the song is pretty melodic and very reminiscent of late 50s or early 60s girl pop.

Harmless pop song, geez.

This has me laughing.

Yeah, what’s with all this damned heterosexuality in pop songs these days? :mad: No fat teenage boy ever worried about whether girls would like him.

I thought the same when I heard the song and saw the video but, well, thin girls are apparently fair game for “Barbie dolls”, “Eat a sandwich”, “At least I’m a real woman”, “Body like a ten-year old boy”, etc comments in today’s culture. Anyone who’d object just needs to “learn to take a joke”.

I’m a guy though who probably should lose a few pounds before it becomes an actual issue so I don’t really have a dog in the fight. I wasn’t offended but I noticed it enough to notice it.