All Creatures Great & Small

I was so excited to see this revamped and back on TV. I read all of the books years ago and LOVED the 78-90 series. I was a little worried that the new version wouldn’t be as good, but I was nicely surprised. It was great. The actors chosen for the roles are spot on - especially Siegfried (Samuel West). As I watched the first episode Sunday night, so much of what I had read and watched in the past was there and came flooding back to me. Tristan played by Callum Woodhouse, will be introduced in the next episode. I enjoyed him in The Durrells in Corfu and I think he will be perfect in the part.

Is anyone else a fan?

Sadly, I haven’t seen the original (yet). But I thoroughly enjoyed the episode aired Sunday night, and I’ll continue to watch.

Watched last night. So far it definitely has the flavor of the books. They even got the color of the fake disinfectant smoke right.

Thank you for telling me about this. How long are the episodes? My family might watch this together.

Just one hour on Masterpiece.

I think the episodes are an hour long.

So happy to see this back, anxiously awaiting Diane Rigg and of course, Twickie Woo!!!

And Trickie Woo’s malady - Flop-Bottom!

Won Hung Lo?

Without checking, wasn’t it “Flop-Bott”? As in, “Oh dear Mr. Herriot, Trickie Woo’s gone flop-bott again!”

Wait, is this a reboot, or a “continuation” like grandchildren of Zigfried or stuff like that…?

Won Hung Gai.

It’s a remake. New actors playing the same characters as in the original.

I’ve been binging the original recently, thanks to BritBox, so it was interesting to compare the adaptations. The new Siegfried is a bit more of an asshole, and the new Mrs. Hall is young and attractive. That will take a bit of getting used to! But overall I thought they did a very good job. The Yorkshire countryside is as beautiful as ever, and the animals were suitably adorable. I’m not familiar with any of the cast, but they all seem very capable so far.

I have never seen any of the previous versions, nor read the book. This is all new to me,.

But, what is it with British TV and asshole main characters? It’s like Doc Martin, except with animals. Detective Chief Superintendant Foyle wasn’t that likeable, either, a lot of the time. He was just politer about it. :slight_smile:

We’re in for the run, though. Looks interesting,

How many minutes passed before he was halfway up his arm inside a cow?

Siegfried is not the main character. He should take on a less significant role as time goes on. This iteration of him might be a bit over the top, but it’s consistent with his character in the book.

I absolutely adored the original series. I can still remember taking several episodes to begin to understand the Yorkshire accents. Anyroad.

We have it on the dvr, so we’ll be watching it soon. Really looking forward to it!

About 45.

The climactic scene of the episode featured James taking a late-night call to assist a pregnant cow with a difficult delivery.

I think I read the first book when I was a kid, so my memory of how he was portrayed there is very hazy, but I found the portrayal of the character in the new series to be interesting. Yes, he’s difficult and demanding, but he also has a sense of humor, he genuinely cares about his clients (both the people and the animals), and when James shows him intelligence and initiative, he is definitely impressed.

I grew up reading the wonderful books. Reading the actual biography was surprising. Herriot’s Siegfried seems to have been toned down from the real guy, amazingly enough. Will have to watch the new’uns.