Anyone watching "The Forsyte Saga"?

I had heard in reviews that it was good, but I’m surprised by how compelling I am finding it. For instance, I’m trying to find a little sympathy for Soames, but he has such a self-righteous, constipated personality, that I just can’t. I was prepared to like Bossiney for being someone for Irene to love, but he’s being such a rat to poor June, who hasn’t done anything to deserve it. And in his way, Bossiney is just as righteous about his art as Soames is about his morals.

Can’t wait till next Sunday.

P.S. Does anybody remember the original 1969 production? I was too young to be aware of it.

What a bunch of unpleasant people! The only somewhat likable character is that cousin who ran off with the servant—whathisname, played by Rupert Graves. I have not read the book, nor seen the first TV version, so it’s all new to me. When does it take place? Judging be the dresses, I’m guessing 1870s.

I believe it is the 1870s-80s from the costumes and from Bosinney’s Arts and Crafts-style design for Soames’s new house (much too good for Soames). I’m also looking forward to more of Jolyon (Rupert Graves) next week.

Interesting. I confess I did not see last night’s episode, but after the second episode I sympathized with Soames and was terribly put off by Irene. I don’t like Bosinney, either. I’ll have to see how or if this changes after next week.

Sure doesn’t look like things will end well for many of the main characters - with the possible exception of RG. Which is ironic, seeing as he started the whole show off leaving his wife and being cut out of the family.

Soames is who he is. Irene should never have married him. And he should have chosen a “safer” match.

There are some great throwaway lines. My fave’s so far was when the elder lawyer was raging about the repossesors being in his daughter and Monty’s house. As he was leaving he said something along the lines of “X&Y firm are complete scoundrels. I use them all the time.”

And when RG found his dad had bought all of his paintings, the old man said something like, “Of course, I couldn’t hang them on my walls!”

I remember my folks watching the original, and much other Masterpiece Theater. I would often watch it as well, as there was the remote chance I might see a naked breast! Ahh, the days before the internet!

Just reporting from the UK, where it aired about 5 months ago - keep watching, it gets better and better…!!!

No Spoilers!


I disagree with you on this one. She made him promise that if the marriage was not a success he’d let her go, and he’s gone back on it. Not her fault he’s decided to ignore both her warning (because asking for such a promise is certainly a warning) and his promise.

I tend to sympathise with Irene more than Soames, but expecting Soames to release her was pretty naive of her. He apparently still thinks that their marriage can be successful.

Galsworthy wrote the novels in the 1920s, with the story line running from the mid-1880s to the 1920s.

And Martiju is correct - it gets even better.

While I feel for Irene in some ways, she really is a little too simpering for me.

As Caligula said in I, Claudius, “Aren’t people awful?”

You nailed it. This is why I’m willing to overlook Soames’ faults in order to support him. Irene just bugs me.

I just can’t shake my memories of some of the original cast members, particularly Eric Portman as Soames (he played Prof. Moriarty in the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes episodes), Nyree Dawn Porter as Irene (much hotter than the current actress), and Margaret Tyzack as Winifred (Soames’ sister, married to Monty - she was also Claudius’ mother in I, Claudius). The 1969 production would be pretty tough to top, though this one is proving to be a must-watch.