All Hail Minmei!

  1. No, that was somebody else, possibly your momma, or perhaps not.

2)The suggestion that Minmei cannot sing merits a fatwa. All true Minmei-worshippers will now hunt you down, capture you, strap you down to a chair, & force you to listen to Brittany Spears. For the rest of yopur life. Just so you come to understand what the term “bad singing” means.
3) Protoculture has nothing to do with Minmei. It is an energy source. The Zentradi had no culture except warfare, & were conditioned not to seek out music, art or sex (they reproduced via cloning). When confronted by an attractive girl singing, their mental conditioning caused them to try & block it out. The Protoculture references result from Zentradi unfamiliarilty with all things non-combat.
4) Machines don’t have judgement. People do.

Er…your right…Fujiko. Fubuki was from La Blue Girl. (Sexy and Bisexual…she gets my vote)

This is a satire thread, isnt it? Please, let it be a satire thread. Pretty please :confused:

In a Robotech RPG campaign years ago, two of our characters missed the opportunity to assassinate Minmei during a parade. See, we both discovered the same sniper point and promptly began fighting for the right to be the one to pull the trigger that brought down the hate, seal-mouthed Minmei.

<i>Genesis Climber Mospeda</i> a.k.a. <i>The New Generation</i> is superior anyway. Mmmm… Cyclone…

Oh god, the songs-the horrible horrible songs!

runs screaming as “To Be In Love” gets stuck in her head

I didn’t really object to Minmay’s singing at the time, but I always dug the blondes in ROBOTECH. Dana Sterling from Southern Cross (I forget her French name in the original SOUTHERN CROSS), and Rook from MOSPEADA/Next Generation.

Also the definitely not blonde Claudia from Macross. Mmmm…

So…how long has it been since you went over to the Dark Side?

Inside joke coming, for SDMB Illuminati only- Did they have cookies?