All Hail Minmei!

The the spirit of the various 'hot cartoon character" threads, I present the Adorable Lynn Minmei! The cutest babe ever to hit Anime.

It is my humble contention that all true Otaku must venerate Minmei, Our Lady Of Macross. :o

Some images–

Minmei performing!

The Swimsuit–

At her cutest! The Red dress.

Leggy little vixen, isn’t she?

Let’s get this straight: are you referring to Lin Minmei of SDF Macross, a talented singer who was able to motivate two entire battle-fleets from different worlds into seeing things a different way, or Lynn Minmay of Robotech I, a phenomenon of cosmic mediocrity who just confused the heck out of aliens who could have probably been destroyed by the Menudo Reunion Tour? :wink: :smiley:

Though either version was cute.

Yeah, if Minmay confused the heck out the Zentradi, imagine what a decent group could do. Or even the Backstreet Boys.

I am refering to Minmei, the One True Goddess/Babe of Anime.

And **JRDelirious **? Your remarks are dangerously close to heresy. :mad: Beware! The Minmei Inquisition and I have our little ways…


Minmei in a kimono

Another great shot (large)

If Minmei is so great, why did Rick Hunter choose to marry Lisa, huh?

We don’t use the “L” word here, son.:dubious:

And he obviously would have been happier with Minmei! :slight_smile:

I once watched the entire Macross Saga of Robotech in a single three-day weekend.

My god. It hurt. It burrrnnnns.

Vampires exposed to Holy Water often burn E-Sabbath.

But Minmei loves you anyway. :slight_smile:

Minmei’s okay, but give me Fubuki (from Lupin III) any day!!!

Minmei was decent, but Ishtar of macross two was much better IMO.

Yes, but I was listening to Minmay. Macross Saga of Robotech.

I did, however, like Macross II, despite the nigh-universal hatred for it.

I’m holding a copy of a Lupin III graphic novel in my hand, & the girl’s name is “Fujiko Mine”.

Ans she is sexy.

But not cute. Not like Our Lady Of Macross. :slight_smile:

I saw Mari Iijima (Minmei’s Japanese voice actress) in concert at Nekocon. :smiley: She was a lot of fun.

Nice looking, yes. So long as there’s no singing involved. (Exceptions will be made for any attacks by a pitiless alien army, of course). As tolerable as Minmay’s original singing voice was, I still occasionally have nightmares that feature Reba West vocals.

*Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of umteen versions of Macross, I shall fear no dub, for I have been assimilated by Sharon Apple. *

But Minmei was cuter, I already granted that.

And I won’t tell anyone to keep their hands off Fujiko, as there is more than enough of Fujiko for all of us to put out hands on…

It’s been 20 years (gad!) since I saw it, and I only saw the American version (I understand the Japanese version was substantially different), but I’ve got some questions:

  1. Wasn’t Minmei supposed to be an evil bitch-vixen? I mean, didn’t she dump someone pretty hard 'cause someone else was more useful to her?

  2. What was with her voice? Was she supposed to be a genetically engineered mutant with uber-sonic vocal chords capable of producing sounds so horrific that they brought down an ancient alien race of 100 foot tall aliens with SUPER SCIENCE? Or did she just suck?

  3. What was protoculture supposed to be, anyway? Sucky singing? ANY singing? Art? A new form of energy? The saliva glands of muskrats? Why were the Zentrati allergic to it? Was it because the delivery system was Minmei’s dreaded vocal chords? (If it was, I understand why it brought down their race)

  4. What was up with the giant mecha robot thingies? I mean, yeah. The Zentrati are real tall. I get it. But if I’m in a fight to the death with Wilt Chamberlin, I’m not gonna go strap on the stilts so I can get in his face, I’m gonna go get the shotgun and take him down from 20 feet away.* Likewise, why bother with the big dumb MANNED!!! robot-mecha-bot things? Wouldn’t our resources be better spent by building Super-Stinger Missiles with Nuclear Warhead Tips that emit poison gas, germ warfare and sing in Minmei’s voice as they approach? We could use 'em to shoot them in the ankles from a safe distance. Why get into a slapfest with 'em?

  5. Seriously, what was up with Minmei’s American voice? The Japanese Minmei actually released some records and was decent in a Josie and the Pussycats sort of way. The American Minmei was the distributor’s niece or something, right?

  6. :wink:


*I have nothing against Mr. Chamberlin. He was just the first real tall person I could think of. Any threat, real or imagined is not the responsiblity of this poster or the board. :wink: