All hail the master fence-builder!

My parents recently bought a new house. They didn’t want to sell the old one; they wanted to keep it on and rent it. However, it had been badly neglected and was not in a fit state to rent out. I was also looking for somewhere cheap-ish to live. Ah ha… what if I move into their old house, and rather than paying them rent, I do it up, redecorate etc… brilliant!

So, the latest stage in the plan was getting the rear garden fenced in. It’s a corner plot, and was overgrown enough that it was almost enclosed by brambles, bushes etc. Having spent the last few weeks clearing out the garden and taking literally hundreds of sacks of vegetation to the tip, it was almost clear. However, it was also totally open to the road and to an alleyway at the back. Sitting out in the newly clear garden is no fun if passers-by are gawping in at you.

And so, I got a van. I went to the builder’s yard. I spent ridiculous sums of money on timber and concrete. I bought a post spade. I spent the best part of three days removing the stupid metal fence post spikes that were all that was left of the previous fence, and which had apparently been concreted into the Earth’s core. (Boy do those things go down a long way!)

I dug countless holes for fence posts. I hit concrete after six inches on most of them, and chipped away with a metal spike and a sledgehammer. I crushed my fingers with the handle of the sledgehammer I don’t know how many times. I swore. Lots. I measured and got things inch perfect and spirit-levelled. I poured concrete.

And now it’s done. Lots of lovely new fence, levelled and concreted in. And a gate, the whole works. This sucker isn’t moving except for a storm big enough to get a girl’s name. I ache all over, but it feels good!

That is all. I just wanted to share the satisfaction of a job well done. And if anyone else wants a fence building, I am available at highly unreasonable rates :wink:

Nothing like a good job done!

If you live in an area that gets snow, it’s recommended that the posts be deeper than the frost line in the winter… which I think in my area is like 4 feet.

…just an FYI.