All hail the Secret Masters

It’s May 1st, which as we all know, is the anniversary of the day when Adam Weishaupt and Baron Adolph von Knigge founded the Illuminati. I plan on celebrating by secretly rigging an election in Moldova, engineering a banking panic in Malaysia, and planting subliminal messages in next week’s episode of “The Gilmore Girls”. How will you be observing Illuminati Day this year?

Sssssshhhhhh, you idiot. We must not reveal our secrets.

Everything is fine, ladies and gentlemen. Go back to your regular lives.

In other news, however:

The moon will rise from the north. Six cows will be waiting. Bring pie.


Secret? What’s so secret about Ed Zotti being the supreme Illuminati and ruler of the earth?

Oh, yea. :smack:

Sigh…now you’ve told. The men in black will be at your door soon.

I could tell you how I will be observing Illuminati day, but then I would have to kill you. With a 1920’s style “Death Ray.”


I’m having a quiet little private concert.

Elvis, Kurt Cobain and Glen Miller.


Of course you haven’t got Hendrix. Him and me are rocking it out over here at…

I mean The blue donkey shall stop for water at noon.



I could kill you, but I’d have to tell you. :eek:

Take the first left, go three blocks, turn right, and right again.

Look for the dark-green door with the withered Chirstmas wreath.

Go past it to the brown door with the brass knocker, and knock “Shave and a haricut.” Do NOT add “two bits.”

When the woman in the blue smock opens the door, say “The wet duck never flies at night.” She will give you a twist of paper.

Walk two blocks south, then four and a half blocks east. Open the paper and follow the directions EXACTLY. Do NOT look behind you when you do this. Do NOT scream, no matter what happens.


Damrn, i missed the party, Amelia Earhart was supposed to pick me up at the wheatfield circles but she didn´t show up. :mad:
I´ll have a word or two with her next time we meet.

HMPH! :rolleyes:

Here I am, stuck maintaining the 1920’s Style Death Rays in the Orbiting Mind Control Space Station, and you guys get to whoop it up! :dubious:

No party, and the only company is that stiff-looking dude over in Thunderbird 5. Some holiday.

While you’re at it, [Obscure Simpsons Reference]tell him to pick up his dog[/OSR]

Hijack- nocturnal_tick, do you post under nocturnal_n on Sharing the Groove?

*I am in no way affiliated with Sharing the Groove


Amateurs. Revealing my plans in this thread was all part of my secret evil plot to rule the world. And to prove it, I will now post a sinister laugh.


Yes, but are you stroking a pet cat while you laugh. You have got to remember the details.

What is this “Sharing the Groove”? I must find this imposter.

BTW, I just want to thank {post edited} for those outrageous {post edited} he brought to the {post edited} on the night. Oh man could he {post edited} the {post edited} right up into the {post edited}. I thought {post edited} would {post edited} his {post edited} but then {post edited}, {post edited} and {post edited} just {post edited} the {post edited} and then {post edited}. Oh some fun times.