Does May Day actually commemorate the birth of the Illuminati?

The celebration of may 1st is in fact 2 commemorate the completion of the comunist manifesto. (russia May 1, 1776).

strangly this date (1776) appears on the american dollar (underneath the the pyramid with the all seeing eye) which also strangly was the symbol of the illuminatti, hmm. maybe theres more to this than meets the eye.

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Does May Day actually commemorate the birth of the Illuminati?

"Hooray, hooray, the first of May!

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Well, there’s Cecil’s take on Is the dollar bill’s eye-on-a-pyramid the symbol of a secret society? to consider.

And, uh – where do you get May 1 1776 as “the completion of the comunist manifesto”? According to this site that was 1848. They hadn’t even had the French Revolution in 1776.

I do take it you’re pulling our collective leg, here. :slight_smile:

Maybe im wrong about the year, im not too sure. i just read stuff then throw it away… ill try to back track find the paper i read…(post a link to it)

but still fact remains mayday is to commemorate the completion of the comunist manifesto.

Oh, I think it is Confuse-a-Celyn day, because, it is not too clear whether the OP is a question or a statement.
There is the question


and the statement


btw “The Communist Manifesto” was published in 1848.

Aha. I wonder if this is the sort of site from which you obtained your infrmation, Gendy69

Oh there is more, but right now I have to hurry off and I hope to be back here soon.

From the page I linked to regarding the Communist Manifesto:

Engels wrote an 1890 edition on 1 May.

From this page

Sorry, it looks like the Marx-Engels bit of the legend was a late tack-on, GENDY69.

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I was initially making a statment about the reason for 1st may celebrations. (communist manifesto) but it seems to have curbed its way to the illuminati.

the rest of the communist community may beleive they are celebrating 1st may because of the revolutionary movement but in reality that day was set because it was the birth of the League of communists (illuminati) .

CHECK this linx out:

I just read something in the linx above that shocked me alittle, and peiced it together with a picture of washington DC that i saw several months ago,

“all Communists use the “Pentagram” (five pointed star) as one of their insigia”

go dig out some pictures of the layout of washington DC (look closly) lemme know what u think.

Along with ancient Egyptians, pagans, satanists, folk of Jewish faith, New Agers who like the pretty shape in their crystals …

GENDY69, some advice mate: extend your reading beyond conspiracy sites, all right? What they’re imparting is bull.

Aargh, it’s late, and I can’t count. Sorry, the Star of David has six points. Ugh. :smack:

BUT – add onto that list badges like those for some law enforcement agencies.

But that assumes that there was some connection between the Illuminati and the League of the Just. Every other website that peddles versions of this theory confidently assert that they were indeed connected, but, you know what, it takes more than confident assertions to prove anything. How about some actual evidence showing that a link - any link - existed? Without this, your theory is worthless.

Then there is the related claim that Marx derived/plagiarised the contents of The Communist Manifesto from Weishaupt and Roosevelt. If this is so obvious, why does no one ever give examples?

In any case, just because they might have had similar ideas doesn’t, of itself, prove much. Idealistic, utopian, anarchistic atheists and freethinkers could just as easily have come to similar conclusions independantly of each other. Is there any evidence that Marx had even heard of Weishaupt and Roosevelt?

Well, I reckon we should be wondering about Marx’s old mate Engels too. I mean, there has to be some reason for this name so closely resembling the German “Engel” for “angel”, hasn’t there? Oh, there must be some conspiracy theory that covers this conundrum too. Surely.

Oh NOOOOOO - I just sliced into a nice healthy apple and there seems to be a 5-pointed pattern inside.

Spooky or what?


You know you have to learn to think outside the box, think outside the box think outside the box (or atleast have a peek out)

You cant dismiss everything that cant be proven 100% or because its not all over mainstream news (theres no smoke without heat) history is writen by the winners.

creepy logo and Latin slogan “Knowledge is Power”,
Im sure you have read many papers on the illuminatti ,and what their goal, aim was/is, self elected one world goverment, centralized power total hemonogy… ask yourself who has that aim today?! anws: the bush administration and the neoconservatives. read the following
now read the folowing … Does this sound familiar?" link to hitler and the reickstg burning

Your probably thinking this guy is a total conspiracy nut… lol its ok i dont mind… but i do challenge you to download this documentary (911 the road to tyranny)
And after watching this you still think im a kook well thats just fine. road to tyranny linx
ill finish with a cherry unauthorized biography of bush Senior (PDF)

The messageboard forums for that c0balt site you put up links for has the cheery motto of:

Have you ever thought that the websites you put a lot of faith in for their veracity are actually stuff back-written to fit “conspiracy theory” to real events?

Going back to the reason for this thread, and the title – you’d need to provide solid, irrefutable proof about the Illuminati having anything to do with stuff like May Day, the communists etc. etc. The weird patterns in urban maps is about as convincing as what the streaks of water on a window pane in the rain add up to.

No, of course not.


The communist manifesto was produced in 1848 in London, England by Messrs Marx and Engels.

May Day is an ancient festival in the UK probably with pagan roots.

The may day of england you refere too dates back to the 14th century which makes it a totaly different celebration.

400 years out.

From The Workers Maypole.

The first international workers demonstration was organised for May 1 1890. This was when Engels republished his version of the mainfesto (see my earlier posts) – and that’s why your friends, GENDY69, cottoned onto that “connection”. Sorry, no – it was an event already in place before someone decided to tack on another reprint of the manifesto.

And it is linked to the English “May Day” of old, this workers’ day, as MC Master of Ceremonies said. Were the Illuminati after an eight-hour day, and workers rights? Get real, mate. By believing in, and maintaining such complete twaddle you and those website authors you are fond of, are promoting bad history, whereby ordinary men who have changed the course of our times are forgotten beneath myths and half-truths such as your favourite conspiracy theory.

That is a tragedy. And an injustice. Your theories are garbage, and interlaced with faulty research, hidden agendas, and a childlike insistence that silly stories which sound so much more interesting than real history must be held onto, like a favourite teddy bear.

It’s sad, really.