Does May Day actually commemorate the birth of the Illuminati?

Fact!: hitler did burn down the reickstagg

Fact!: nero the roman emporer did burn down hiz goverment buidings to blame the christians and get them percicuted and thrown to lions.

Fact:! their was/still could be, an organisation called the illuminatti
whoz aim was hemonogy.

Fact:! chicken burgers contain more fat then beefburgers.

Fact:! North Korea - autonomous religious activities now almost nonexistent; government-sponsored religious groups exist to provide illusion of religious freedom.

Fact:! we all play mind games… (just imagine the kind of games the people at the top play)

ps… i dont have any agendy, only truth! if im wrong on any subjest, i hope i get told/and proved im wrong so i can continue on my search for truth.

Have a read of the three pages on this site, GENDY69, and then tell me you’re so certain of this fact.

I’d recommend starting a thread on your views in the likes of the Great Debates forum, GENDY69. They’re far more than just the subject of this thread or the article which spawned it.

Fact: None of these things has anything to do with the topic.

Fact: Just because some (not all) of these things are oe may be true, doesn’t prove anything about the Illuminati. They are unconnected, and the truth (or falsehood) of their respective propositions proves nothing on other topics.

Fact: Putting the word “fact” in the beginning of every sentence doesn’t prove the trutth of your statements; neither does it impress anybody around here.

When I am talking about the price of beans in Boston, please do not soloquise on the temperature of spit in Wichita.

Well it considerably pre-dates 1400 IIRC the earliest recorded non-pagan May Day at Reading Abbey is a lot older than that and prior to that it was clebrated by both Celtic and Saxon religions

Sorry to burst the bubble.

In my country, Peru, every May 1st union leaders talk about the Chicago martyrs that died for the 8-hour work day, so no Illuminati of Comunist manifesto here in South america, even though most union leaders in my country are communists.

Of course every day of the year also means something else. If instead of May 1st it’d been , say, June 4th, I’m syre someone would find a reason to make it suspicious.