May Day

Its coming up.
I read Cecil’s book and story of how it started.
But what does it mena Nowadays?
Is it a communist holiday?

Damn those Pagans!!

Whoops… sorry.

NOWADAYS… it doesn’t mean anything. Kinda like Earth Day :wink:

Well, it means a lot in Hawai’i (sort of taken it as a kind of state holiday-- sort of “yay, Hawai’i” kind of thing with school assemblies and neat fun stuff), and in Eurpoe where it’s still a worker’s day, isn’t it?

May Day. Ah yes…reminds me of that little poem

Hurray Hurray
Tis the first of May
Outdoor fucking
Starts today!!!

May 1 is Labor Day in Greece.

On May 1st Baskin-Robbins is bringing a bunch of ice cream to my office to promote their customer appreciation night.

I haven’t read the column, so I might just be repeating some info in it:

When I was in grade school (end of the 80’s-early 90’s) it was common among my friends and I to take each other May day baskets. We’d get a big plastic cup and fill it with candy. You’d leave the cup, ring the doorbell, and then run. If you were caught then the person that caught you would get to kiss you (if the catcher was a girl) or punch you (if the catcher was a guy). I’m not sure how common this is with today’s kids or if it even goes on anymore.

“Rise, you prisoners of starvation,
rise, you wretched of the earth…”

Sorry…got carried away, there. May 1 is a day to celebrate labor, pretty much everywhere besides the US.

Oh? May 1 seems pretty much like any other day here in Canada.

Well, not in Edmonton:

Or Vancouver:

Or Toronto:

Or Saskatoon: