All my emails seem to be going to spam, help

I work for a small real estate management company. Lately a large percentage of my emails end up in the recipient’s spam folder.

Any guesses as to why this is?


My e-mail sends things to spam if there’s an ! or some in the subject line. Also sometimes if there’s a repeated word. Probably other similar things. Have you recently changed your method of putting the subject in your e-mails?

Some of the wording in your email, or the title, has triggered this alert. Too aggressive sales pitch in there somewhere.

So it is identified as spam.

No, not that I know of. I don’t do any marketing. This is just normal correspondence with clients/tenants.

It’s also possible that…

a) Someone somewhere is spamming the world and forging your email address as the From header. Every year I get bounce messages from people I most certainly didn’t email in the first place, with spammy email bodies down below the server bounce message. It can cause your email address to be blacklisted sometimes.


b) Several badlly behaving people who have signed up with your ISP have been spamming and your ISP has been unresponsive in dealing with it. It can cause your entire domain to be regarded as more suspect than it otherwise would, and designated as spam for less reason than someone else’s would be

Not necessarily the domain.

I have a similar problem. My personal email arrangement is from a minor 3rd party supplier. I have my own domain name. So my email address is like I know my machines aren’t botted and I’m not spamming.

But my ISP has lots of other customers. Many of whom are spammers or have been botted by spammers. All their spam is sent out to the world by the same ISP servers as my email. So good or bad, it’s all coming from those same IP addresses.

So the big recipients like gmail, etc., decide to block my ISP’s server(s) by ip address.

Infuriating, since there is zero I can do to solve it or even reduce it.

With Gmail, at least, they expect a sort of authentication that you are who you say you are. of all things failed this check for quite a while.

I don’t know the details, but it might be something to check into.

Also, make sure you never send any mail that someone might not want, as they are likely to mark it as spam even if they agreed to receive it from you. Enough of that, and you can get assumed to be spam.

This is why many sites that run into this problem just encourage users to check their spam for some intial response, and then to add them to their allowed list so they’ll receive future messages.

Send an e-mail to yourself. Preferably to an alternate address. If it goes to your spam folder, mark it “not spam”. See if that shakes it loose.

Someone you sent email to might have marked it spam.

Wouldn’t moving your hosting to a major provider like Google solve the problem?

It would. It’s been on TODO my list since shortly before COVID clamped everything down.

But I’m MSFT-centric which means I need to sign up for Business Exchange 365, get a new DNS provider since my current DNS provider is the same flakes who provide my current email, etc. It’s a fairly messy tangled situation involving a lot of moving parts, multiple domains, overlapping LiveIDs, email aliases, and all the rest; more than I can bumble through with my rusty 10+ yo IT skills. And with enough essential service that we can’t foul this up and be lost in space for a couple days before figuring out how to restore service.

I was finally getting off the dime when MSFT closed all their stores/small biz consulting shops. I’m not looking forward to trying to work through all this with “Peggy” from Bangalore.

Thanks everyone with the suggestions so far. I’ve been working on it. And I think I’ve narrowed it down a bit. During my test emails, it seems like the ones I’ve sent to Yahoo accounts always bounce to spam. Anyone have an opinion why that may be?

Because Yahoo’s servers have a rule in them: “email from Lucas_Jackson, or his domain, or maybe his ISPs server’s are a pain in our ass. Too many are spam. So we assume they all are.”

Meantime, by luck of the draw, whoever else you’re emailing to isn’t being as slammed as hard by whichever spammers they are. Or those other domains/ISPs mail hosts have a more permissive attitude in general.

The sad thing is you’re almost certainly not going to be able to find a way to plead your case to anyone or anything at yahoo that can fix this for you. Or even give you more details about why you’re getting tarred with the spam brush.