Why can't I get email from this guy?

I have one guy at work who’s emails never make it to my inbox. He sends me stuff and it just never shows. It doesn’t end up in my junk mail folder. He always cc:'s himself on stuff he sends me and he gets his copy fine. I have added him and his domain name to my safe senders list. I get email from other co-workers with this same domain name with no problem. For many months, his emails would show up with [Probable Spam] added to whatever he’d put in the subject line.

He does have another domain from which he can send me emails, but I would love to know how to fix this problem so I can get his emails from his main email.

Have you tried sending him an email and then getting him to hit reply? Have you accidentally blocked him? - check your blocked senders list. Other than that I don’t know

Man, I knew I was going to leave an important data point out. He is not on my blocked sender’s list. I’ll try the reply thing tomorrow.

“Guy at work” as in you both work for the same company? Have you contacted your IT department?

Does his email address contain words like “sex”, “boobs”, “free”, “viagra”, etc?

Who’s your internet with? I have ATT, and I sometimes have problems receiving emails I send from work.

To clarify, I have ATT at home.

Is he at the same location and on the same network as the co-workers from which you can receive email?

If he’s at a different location and has his own IP address, he could be sending from an IP address that has been marked as spam and the domain name is irrelevant.

If he has it, ask if he can send you email from the web interface of his email. That would eliminate his IP address in the headers and let you know if it’s a problem with his IP address or not.

I would send him an email and have him try to reply. I’m betting he’s got a character wrong in your address.

Those mails are going somewhere. They are not being returned as the sender is not receiving mail failure notices from the mail daemon. With the hint you mentioned about “probable spam” when you were receiving them, I’m offering the possibility that he has some odd signature or a happy face icon somewhere in the message body. Sometimes those can trigger a spam filter and it might get deleted before getting to your box. Easy enough to check and eliminate this possibility anyway.

Is he able to send email to anyone else outside his corporate domain? I once had that problem because I forgot to turn on SMTP authentication. Everyone inside my office got my messages, because they were local to me, but the server would not relay to the outside world. Although the server logs showed the error, it never sent back anything my mail client recognised as an error, so took me about a week and a half to figure out.

I’m betting it’s this, his emails are getting eaten by your company’s spam filter. Can the guy email other people in your company?

Whether he can reply to a message you send will be interesting too. Once I mistakenly changed a contact name to a different person, so if I picked “John Doe” to send it to that would show up in the To line, but the actual address it was going to was robert.roe@wherever.com.
If he successfully replies to your message than I’d be suspicious of something like that.

Ok, let’s see if I hit all the questions.

We do not have an IT department, although he has a pretty smart engineer down where he is that I could talk to. We are on two different email systems. Other people are getting email from him fine.

I’ve just asked him to reply to me, and then reply to me a second time without his signature image.

I’m not sure if they have webmail for their service. I’ll check with the engineer. He has another email address for the second location he works at, and I can get email from that service just fine.

Cox is our ISP at work, but he is the only person I’m having this problem with.

He may have auto-fill and there’s an error in my name. My boss can get email from him fine, so if my system was snagging his email to me, wouldn’t it aslo be snagging his email to my boss?

Try getting him to send a mail to your boss, with your address also in the To or CC line, then check the header of the mail on your boss’s computer.

I once read of someone whose mail didn’t get through because his address (or .sig ?) mentioned “specialist” which string-matches the erection-enhancement drug Cialis ®.

Another curiosity I discovered by accident: Google Groups refuses to post any message with the string “paypal accepted” though it has no problem with strings like “motherfucker”. :smack:

Imagine the problems Scunthorpe council have…

Just reread your original post. I’m almost certain this is relevant to the answer.

What email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, web-mail or other) are you using?

Do you have any anti-virus software running?

It’s possible that your anti-virus program is filtering out the email before it even gets to your inbox or your mail program’s spam folder.

To test this try disabling your AV (temporarily) and then have him try to email you again. Make sure that the entire suite has been disabled to ensure the test email is not blocked by the third party program.

I am using Outlook and Microsoft Security Essentials. I am out of the office today so only have access to my webmail, but I will try this when I’m back in the office tomorrow.

Neither one of those edits the subject line. I am almost certain that Cox is filtering it before your Outlook ever sees it. I am assuming that the settings you are talking about in your OP are in Outlook. I used to have Cox and would get mail with that in the subject line occasionally.

You said that Cox is your ISP but is it also your email host? (We have Comcast as our ISP but XO hosts our email.) Regardless of who is the host, if you are using Outlook as a POP client, you should be able to login directly to a webmail version of your account and adjust your spam filter settings to suit your needs. If Cox is *not *your email host but they are still filtering your email, then you need to contact Cox. Some ISPs may do that for virus control, I’m not sure.

ExchangeMyMail is our email host. I have, actually, made sure my guy is on my safe senders list (and not on the blocked list) via our ExchangeMyMail webmail, as well. But if Cox was trapping his emails to me, shouldn’t they also be trapping his emails to my boss?