All natural beer. Who cares?

Spending a good amount of my weekend trying to score some brew without getting caught, I’ve become quite obcessed with it.

Almost all the beer cans I’ve seen somewhere on them claim they’re “all natural ingredients”, “no preservatives”, “natrually carbonated”, “nothing artificial added”, “no additives”, whatever.

Does anyone really give a crap? I mean, if a really good tasting beer was full off chemical goop, but tasted great, would you care?
Have you ever looked at the ingredients for some sodas? What is half that junk? What if they could make great tasting beer cost less by using artificial ingredients?
I watch people drink beer while stuffing their faces with all sorts of junk food and drinking beer claiming to be all natural. Do they really give a toot? I don’t! Would you not drink a certain beer, even if you liked it’s flavor, if it was crammed full of artificial things like soda is? I still would.

I wouldn’t.

Having seen how good beer can be if made from nothing but grain, water, hops and yeast, when the fad arrives for beer made from petrochemicals, I’ll pass. When it ain’t broke, innovative fixes have limited appeal.