All of a Sudden, All My Crickets Die In A Matter of Hours

Wait, no one sent them through the Jaunt awake, did they?

Was the name of the pet store Stackpole’s House of Pets, by any chance?

You know, it’s never occurred to me until just now to ask for a refund or replacement. Have you ever tried that? Did they offer? Now that I think about it, my tube theory doesn’t hold water, because if the tubes were acting as a reservoir for the bacillus, then it would happen every time. So now I know from what you’ve told me that if it happens to me, then it’s happening at the store too, and at the same time. So if I come in and say “they all croaked,” and theirs are dead too, they know I’m telling the truth. If I come in and say the same thing but theirs are still alive, then they know that it’s either something at my end causing it, or that I’m lying in an effort to evade payment. So if they’re staring glumly at a tank full of dead crickets, by all rights they should give me a refund and just chalk it up to the cost of doing business. I know my place buys them at $15 per 1000 and sells them for $8.50 per hundred, and there’s practically no overhead, so it shouldn’t be that big a deal to have to do refunds every few months or so.

My store specifically offers no refunds on feeders, but they gave the new new batch for free anyway. The crickets seems to be doing fine this time.

Can you speed up this mosquito armageddon thing? I live in Florida and while it’s cold now, it won’t be forever…

When do crickets in the wild die? I hate it when the nights trn silent-when all the cricket chirping is stilled. anyway, be ahd a few warm days last week (got into the 60’s)-those nights, I heard a few…feeble, but nice to hear.
Do they all die by December?

Crickets LOVE our bathtub for some reason. Maybe you need some porcelain.

Or maybe the tub is just a cricket singularity.

Insecticide is a possibility. I wouldn’t think you’d find it on potatoes or carrots, but maybe they were sprayed for shipping and storage. Possibly something already in your bathroom. When we used to keep reptiles we had a huge box full of the buggers. I remember some big population drops, but they never died all at once like that. In the end we only had an iguana, and vegetarian lizards are much less trouble.

Have any dogs or cats? Flea control products, like Advantage, can kill crickets.

[obpedant]You probably mean necropsy.[/obpedant]

And after the mosquitoes, how about targeting cockroaches? Crickets can be annoying, but I’m willing to let them live until all the mosquitoes and roaches have met a horrific doom.

As for the cockroach thing, its being done…. Not by me, but by others. We’re working on the mosquito thing. Check back with me in a few years.

Were these two different pet store clerks? Seems to me that they’re being deceitful in order to get you to keep buying new batches and avoiding any refunds/exchanges. I’d consider a new source. Either they’re lying, or their employees are ignorant of what goes on there. Shoveling out four thousand dead crickets is the type of job that new hires get so I think the news would spread fast.

They were, but I looked. They were lively and happy the one day. Dead the next. The guy was legitimately grossed out, and hey, I got free bugs.

Woulda been cool if nobody answered the OP for a while, then someone posted:


But if it happens to them every three months, I expect the clerk to tell me it’s a regular occurrence and that I may be on the cusp of another wave. And give me free bugs.

In the still
of the night
When they stopped chirping
the stench was a fright
In the still
of the night

I pity the one who has to do the chalk outline for 50 dead crickets

What kind of cleaning supplies do you use in that bathroom?

If you put them somewhere else in your place, do you have the same issue?

Those crickets aren’t dead. They’re pining for the fjords.

“I’m feeling better! I think I’ll go for a walk!”